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Aware Wireless EMG

InWave Pelvic Floor Stimulator

Biofeedback and stimulation are the most effective, best documented conservative treatments for incontinence of all types

  InWave Pelvic Floor Stimulator

While many treatment options are available for overactive bladder (OAB), the present generation of anticholinergics is known to have a high rate of discontinuance due to adverse events. Consider use of pelvic floor stimulation (PFS) instead. Stimulation is a benign therapy with high patient satisfaction.

The InWave is a clinical-grade stimulator that can also be used for patient home training due to its simple operation and built-in safety features that ensure patient protection at all times. Default settings are optimized for treatment of OAB, but the InWave also incorporates protocols for stress and mixed UI and you can easily make and save changes in any protocol.

Note: The InWave is a stand-alone device and does not require a PC.


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InWave Pelvic Floor Stimulator $395 Add to Cart | View Cart | Checkout

EMG Sensors

Vaginal Single-User EMG Sensor Type 4509 - $39.95 Add to Cart | View Cart | Checkout

Anal Single-User EMG Sensor Type 4510 - $39.95 Add to Cart | View Cart | Checkout

Surface EMG Electrodes

DE-103 Disposable Surface EMG Electrodes Type 4630, per Bag/50 Applications - $70.00 Add to Cart | View Cart | Checkout
The finest cloth-backed, pre-gelled, disposable electrodes. (Will not pull hair.)

DW-104 Disposable Surface EMG Electrodes/Lead Wires, per Bag/100 Applications - $279.00 Add to Cart | View Cart | Checkout
Pre-gelled disposable electrodes with lead wires attached; not necessary to sterilize lead wires between patients.

SS-106 Smart Sensor EMG Electrode Assembly - 250.00 Add to Cart | View Cart | Checkout
Contains differential electrodes/"driven" ground and state-of-the-art low-noise instrumentation preamplifier in a single, compact assembly. Minimizes artifact, also allows reliable scanning. Includes set of 3 SS-115 Snap Leads for use with DE-103 and similar disposable electrodes.

SS-141 Unity Single-Piece Disposable Electrodes for the Smart Sensor, per Bag/100 Applications - $ 70.00 Add to Cart | View Cart | Checkout
Adhesive "patch" snaps directly into differential and ground electrodes and holds Smart Sensor in place.

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