The Attention TrainerTM System


Have you ever wondered why a child can sit and read about their favorite sports hero or movie star for hours, but can't concentrate on schoolwork? That's where The Attention Trainer comes in. Designed for school-age children, it uses special video games to teach attention skills.

attention deficit hyperactivity disorder Much more than just a video game
It’s an interactive tool for the computer that can help children learn to control their levels of attention. That's because while playing these specially adapted games, a child wears a fun gaming headset. Inside are sensors that measure levels of attention and transmit this information through wireless technology to the special software in the games. This software allows the games to provide immediate feedback about a child's attention levels. And, over time, the child learns how it feels to focus and develops the skill that can help him or her concentrate.

attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

For example, in a racecar game, as a child's attention levels go up and down, the software sends signals to the child through the games. The signals are presented through the car's steering, braking, and acceleration. When attention levels increase, the controls become more responsive and the car goes faster. With practice, a child can learn how it feels to develop and control the skill that can help them pay attention. This skill will help them move to higher levels within the games and can then be transferred to the classroom and other learning environments.

Latest technology combined with technique used for 20 years
This technique has been used for 25 years by clinicians to teach children attention skills. It has also been used by NASA to train pilots to stay attentive while in the cockpit and by Olympic athletes to improve concentration. The Attention Trainer combines this technique with the latest technology to provide the same benefits in a more convenient manner.

Visit the FAQ section of this website to learn more about the trials and studies that have been done on neurofeedback and attention.

attention deficit hyperactivity disorder


attention deficit hyperactivity disorderMeasure improvement, day after day
The Personal Training Account™(coming soon) is a secure account that allows for monitoring, assessment, and guidance of a child’s progress in learning to control his or her levels of attention. As a child plays the games, the software captures his or her training information. After each play session, scores are sent to the site and progress reports are generated.

More than one child can use The Attention Trainer™, but Personal Training Accounts should be kept separate. If you are using The Attention Trainer™ for more than one child, you will need one Personal Training Account per child. This will ensure that each child’s progress is documented.

On average, it takes children about 40 to 60 sessions to fully learn this skill. Sessions will usually take about 15-30 minutes each.

Easy to set up, Easy to use
The compact Base Station is just 4" by 6" and can easily sit next to, or on top of, a computer. The adjustable Headset weighs less than a pound and can be worn comfortably by children ages 7 to 14.

The Attention Trainer™ comes with everything you need to get started:

  • Headset and Base Station
  • 3 Attention Enhanced™ games
  • Extra sensors
  • Complete Instruction Manual
  • Personal Training Account (coming soon)
  • Batteries
  • One-year warranty

Children with a history of seizures, closed-head injury, depression, or anxiety should discuss the possible use of The Attention Trainer with a clinician.

In order to provide the best possible training results, customer service, and product support, we will initially be making The Attention Trainer™ available through schools and mental health professionals. Leasing options and take-home units are available! The price of the training will vary, depending on where the training occurs, but the cost will be less than traditional neurofeedback.

If you are a parent interested in attention training for your child, click here to be notified of a center in your area as our network is established, or, on how to receive neurofeedback training by remote, from your home.

If you are interested in providing attention training to students or clients through your school, practice, or facility, please send an email to

Or, if there is a school or center that you would like us to contact, we welcome the referral!

A. The Attention Trainer Professional Package
Includes: The Attention Trainer hardware and software, WaveView Pro software and additional Base Station, three attention games, 2 Training Kits, 2-day Certification Program