The biograph program is one of a kind in the sense that you are able to monitor your brain activity from time to time with this ingenious tool. From Thought Technology the computerized device comes with some of the most efficient software, hardware and suite packages that will guarantee you the best results.

Application suites

These refer to screens, protocols and computations through which an application can operate. There are several of these that are used in the biofeedback software to improve your success with the program. These are designed with cutting edge precision and are up to date to ensure that you get the best control over the clinical process. This is an elaborate system that ranges from assessment through training, reporting and demonstration of the results. Some of the application suites include the following:

EEG Suite

This particular suite features more than 80 display screens designed to handle different EEG protocols. It can be used to train range, alpha theta, SMR amplitude, alpha peak frequency, theta SMR, theta beta and wide band inhibit.

Some of the other application suites include the following:

Z-Score mini suite
Physiology suite
Rehab suite
Reaction time suite
DynaMap suite

There is also an offline analysis tool called Cardio Pro Infiniti which offers an accurate analysis of the heart rate variability. This tool makes work easier since it incorporates all the physiological data and churns out an elaborate analysis that was once available only through advanced systems like the CardioPro Software Apart from these there are add-ons that are also effectively in use with the biofeedback software to assist in monitoring the brain activity over time. These include the following:

Z Score biofeedback add on
Bio fun
BioGraph-X Infiniti add on
EKG receiver for polar belt

The tools that are used in the process are specially designed to allow for the best kind of reporting and accuracy in monitoring the brain actions. The programs are built upon a simple foundation, to ensure that the security of your data comes first. The quality of signal relayed through the system is optimal, and you can also use the products while focusing on the work you are doing as a result of the low noise cables.

As a result of integration and advancement in technology the tools allow you the chance to carry out some really basic tasks without any problems. You will even be able to transfer data from different sessions for use.