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Does your child exhibit symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD, such as inattention, hyperactivity or impulsivity?

In many cases, it means some brain areas associated with attention are not as active as they should be.

The brain is extremely plastic, and it needs proper cues to wire a little differently. Many people with ADHD can benefit from neurofeedback , i.e. a brain training specifically targeted to these brain areas. Neurofeedback monitors your child's brain activity in real time, and to gives appropriate auditory and visual feedback.

Monitoring and training the brain to function optimally is an essential aspect of our body systems because it is through the brain that the body gets controlled. Every once in a while you need to make sure that you get some of these systems to ensure that your brain’s functional system is in check. For parents, it is a good thing to make sure that our children are safe. We should therefore be on the lookout for any symptoms that might indicate signs of ADHD and take the necessary precautions to help them. Some of the symptoms that we need to be on the lookout for include hyperactivity, lack of attention and impulsive behavior.

EEG feedback is very important in helping out persons who are challenged with attention disorders. Neurofeedback works in such a way as to monitor the brain activity of an individual over time and from the same response give feedback on the observations made.

The EEG training program is very interactive especially since it is basically controlled through a computer game that acts as a medium between the patient and the program. The user is given visual and audio cues to help track their reaction to various stimuli while their brain reaction is monitored. In the process the brain will be trained in such a way that it gets used to a prolonged sense of concentration.

There are several products that are used in this process in order to make it possible for the patient to maintain an optimal brain activity. One such treatment program is the Alpha-Stim® Technology

The Alpha-Stim® M and Alpha-Stim® AID are advanced technology used in treating a lot of issues including anxiety, insomnia and depression. Apart from being very effective, these devices are also very safe to use since they were introduced in 1981. When you obtain these devices, you will also be able to benefit from expert training and support from time to time to ensure that you get none but the best services from them so far.

One of the main reasons why Alpha-Stim® is highly sought after in the market is because of the fact that it is cost effective. When compared with other methods like Prozac™ Paxil™ Lexapro™ and Celexa™ it costs slightly under $2000 to use Alpha-Stim across a 5 year term as compared to $6000, $11000, $10000 and $62000 respectively for the mentioned alternative programs.


adult attention deficit disorder, Attention Deficit, attention deficit disorder, Neuro Feedback The fun part of the EEG biofeedback program is that everything is controlled by a training game and an interface between the computer and the child. Throughout the exercise, the brain activity is recorded and audio and visual cues are given to the child to help move the brainwaves in the correct direction. Stimulated and encouraged, the child view his/her progress during the task. Over training sessions, the degree of concentration to maintain the right level of attention becomes less hard to achieve; the brain gets used to being in a state of enhanced concentration. Impulsivity is also reduced.
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If you would like to know more about EEG bio feedback, and be able offer this exceptional and powerful training experience to your child, please contact us.


For neurofeedback/biofeedback treatment and training directly from your home (anywhere Nationally and Internationally), by an expert world-class clinician, please call Dr. Philip Brotman, 212-222-5665 (5667 Fax); email:
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For Attention Deficit (ADD/ADHD), Learning disabilities, stress reduction, and anxiety disorders, autism, Aspergers, depression


TOVA Computerized Visual & Audio Testing System for ADD/ADHD, Cognitive Dysfunction

Speech&Language, Aphasia, Stroke Rehab, Reading Comprehension, Cognitive Skills software - for Professional, Educational and Home Use

Brainware safari software - Enhance Cognitive Skills, Accelerate Learning for Professional, Educational and Home Use

The Learning Breakthrough system - for ADD, dyslexia, behavioral and Learning Challenged

Watchminder Vibrator and Alarm Wristwatch Training and Reminder System

Alpha-Stim For ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Mood State, Stress

Soundhealth -specially designed baroque/classical music CDs- Concentration, Thinking, Learning, Productivity, Relax, and De-Stress for concentration, relaxation, accelerated learning

Brainbuilder - To Increase Short Term Memory and Improve Cognitions, Thinking and Concentration

The Listening Program - To Enhance Listening Skills and Improve Sound Perception 

EASE Auditory CD Series for Hyperacusis/Auditory Hypersensitivity in Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), PDD, PDD-NOS, ADD, ADHD, and Down Syndrome; Low Cost Alternative to Auditory Integration Therapy





Neurofeedback (Neurotherapy) can enhance attention, focus, concentration and memory, and benefit hyperactivity issues. We can provide training for Neurofeedback Biofeedback. Read about Brainmaster, JJ and Procomp devices. Learn about the following software: TOVA, Brainware Safari, Learning Breakthrough, and Watchminder. Neurofeedback can help: ADHD children, ADHD adults, ADD children, ADD adults, stress, anxiety disorders, autism, Aspergers, depression, learning disabilities

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attention deficit disorder, Neuro Feedback, adult attention deficit disorder, Attention Deficit

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New PLAY ATTENTION Edufeedback system - for Attention, Focus, Concentration, Active and Short Term Memory, Hyperactivity Reduction, Reading Comprehension - uses the same feedback science and technology perfected for NASA astronauts and US Air Force pilots. Time payment plan options available.
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