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Floataway's Float Cabin ForOne and ForTwo

Float Cabin ForTwo

The Floataway Float Cabin ForOne and ForTwo are alternatives to our world famous Tranquility float tank. The Cabin ForOne is a single person tank, while the Cabin ForTwo has a wider floating pool giving the option to let couples float together. Both of the float room's rectangular shapes fit into almost any standard room.

With the wide range of external wall finishes available and the technical expertise of the world leaders of floatation tanks, these Float Cabins are an excellent alternative to our Tranquility tank, while using much less space than our Floataround pool.
Float Cabin ForTwo
Cabin ForTwo Installed at iFloat - Leira, Portugal

Couple Floating - Why a cabin for two?
Floataway has pioneered the new concept of couple floating by offering the Floataround and Cabin-for-two designs. In these float tanks two people can comfortably float together. Why is this important? Commercially it has proved very important and very popular. First time floaters are sometimes reluctant to try floatation therapy. This reluctance is blown away by the offer of a float with your partner. So couple floating is an important part of float centre design. Obviously there is a difference from floating alone but all the benefits remain exactly the same! We recommend that the couple link arms to avoid bumping into each other, that's the only practical difference once you have a big enough pool or float tank.

The classical view was that floating must be a solo activity but think about that. Why? It's just because all the early float tanks, including ours, were designed for one person. Floaters can and do go on to float alone but the issue of persuading new floaters to get wet is a major one and this is the answer. The concept of couple floating has now been proved to work commercially in all of our customers' float centres with larger models and an added bonus is that a higher price can be charged for the same space yet each floater gets a cheaper float! Typically float centres charge about 50% more for couple floats than for single floats.

Features and Specifications
  • GRP inner lining using the best quality gel coat in white (other colours may be specified).
  • All mouldings have easy clean radius corners and edges.
  • Satinice acrylic walls with unique acetal glazing system. All mouldings have easy clean radius corners and edges.
  • Satinice doors with stainless steel hinges.
  • When fitted into a small room, Satinice panels are used to finish the gaps.
  • Float Cabin ForTwo

    Float Cabin ForTwo

    Cabin ForOne Cabin ForTwo
    Weight when full 1 tonne 1.5 tonnes
    Volume of solution 25.5cm deep:
    730 litres
    27.5cm deep:
    1025 litres
    Salt for Vol. stated 375kg (15 bags) 525kg (21 bags)
    Floor loading 3500 N/sq.m. 3500 N/sq.m.

    • Range of 16 colours
    • Heaters : 4 x 350W thermostatically controlled under-tank panels with digital thermostat.
    • Ceiling heaters (eliminates all condensation and heats air) 4 x 80 W.
    • Pump system : extra large Mag-drive pump from skimmer outlet, cartridge filter and automatic timer.
    • Standard remote control (usually located in your reception area) with digital thermostatic control of temperature, pump timer, lights and call attendant cancel button.
    • safety water level cut-out, lights control inside tank.
    • Underwater light.
    • Live skin underwater speakers.(player not supplied)
    • Stainless steel fittings and grab handles.
    • Fully ventilated, silent passive system.
    • Easy access technical pack which houses pumps, filters and all other technical parts mentioned above.
    • Class one (earthed) construction. 230v single phase, 16 amps or 110v 20 amps.

    Float Cabin ForTwo

    Constructed to EN standards, installation, full set of chemicals, salt and instructions supplied, plus staff training. Warranty for one year all parts and labour, excluding damage caused by misuse or abuse, and excluding consequential losses. Service contract also available offering extended no part or labour cost replacement for twenty years (please see separate details).

    Getting it in!
    All panels will fit through standard doors for installation (please see separate details), sealed on site using our own "site fit system". Relocation service available at extra charge.

    Who builds it?
    Self-installation is possible for practically minded people. Electrical installation should always be done by a qualified electrician. Floataway will install for an additional fee.

    Please contact us regarding the Cabin ForOne details.

    Float Cabin ForTwo
    Cabin ForOne Cabin ForTwo
    Dimensions (exterior) 2370mm long
    1432mm wide
    2250mm high
    2370mm long
    1833mm wide
    2250mm high
    Standing room inside 2080mm high 2080mm high
    Technical pack 1160mm wide
    430mm high
    510mm deep
    1160mm wide
    430mm high
    510mm deep

    The Cabin ForOne and ForTwo can come in a number of configurations:

    cabin dimensions

    cabin dimensions cabin dimensions
    cabin dimensions cabin dimensions cabin dimensions

    cabin 2 wall option
    Cabin ForTwo - Two wall option with Shower

    Technical pack:
    Normally the Technical pack is placed at the front beside the door, but can be specified left, right, at the back of the tank or in adjacent room.

    Additional upgrade options:
    Floataway have a large number of Upgrade Options that can be added to all our products, follow the link to find out more : Upgrade Options.

    open floating tank
    Cabin ForTwo Tub Installed at Float Zurich

    Further options at extra cost :

    • Computerised control with touch screen remote control offering session control, automatic sound fading and condition monitoring
    • Automatic dosing system for disinfection, or full PRIDE (Programmed Redox Intelligent Disinfection Equipment)
    • Colour therapy module with remote control
    • Two-way intercom system
    • Music mute button
    • UV filtration (for use with peroxide)
    • Shower cubicle added directly to the door frame
    • Special customer requirements can also be supplied


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