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An Early detection of Learning Disability can help Your Child Overcome this Condition. EEG biofeedback a Treatment of Choice.

Learning Disability is one of the conditions affecting many people all over the world. It refers to a neurobiological disorder affecting the cerebral cortex of the brain hence leading to a disorder of the cognitive and language processing abilities. When the cerebral cortex is affected various functions will be affected. These functions include; reasoning, attention, writing, mathematical computation, encoding new information, retaining new information, processing speed, word knowledge, and others. With these functions in place we are able to learn new information, express our thoughts and questions, solve daily problems, communicate with others, and comprehend questions and requests.

Learning Disability can be identified at a very tender age. You may realize that a child is slow in their thinking, learning skills, and language skills as compared to children of same age. This makes it hard for them to learn in school and grasp daily living skills. In some cases some of the cognitive skills may be stronger than others. Therefore a keen observation of a child is necessary so as to identify the right therapy for the child.

Learning Disability is mainly caused by two main factors; 1. Some children are born with weak cognitive skills. 2. Others acquire these problems as a result of brain injuries, seizures, neonatal strokes, as well as other neurological causes. Research has shown that 8 to 10% of children have one or two learning disabilities. The condition is more common with boys when compared to girls. Learning Disability affects speaking (aphasia), math (dyscalculia), reading (dyslexia), and writing (dysgraphia). This condition may come together with conditions such as seizures, depression, brain injury, bipolar disorder and many others. However it does not involve mental retardation or autism. Detecting Learning Disability in early childhood is essential since during this stage the brain can be corrected using coaching and tutoring, remediation services, as well as speech and occupational therapy.


adult attention deficit disorder, Attention Deficit, attention deficit disorder, Neuro Feedback EEG bio feedback or neurofeedback has been found to be a treatment of choice for those suffering from learning disabilities.
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For neurofeedback/biofeedback treatment and training directly from your home (anywhere Nationally and Internationally), by an expert world-class clinician, please call Dr. Philip Brotman, 212-222-5665 (5667 Fax); email: brotmanp@verizon.net
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For Attention Deficit (ADD/ADHD), Learning disabilities, stress reduction, and anxiety disorders, autism, Aspergers, depression


TOVA Computerized Visual & Audio Testing System for ADD/ADHD, Cognitive Dysfunction

Speech&Language, Aphasia, Stroke Rehab, Reading Comprehension, Cognitive Skills software - for Professional, Educational and Home Use

Brainware safari software - Enhance Cognitive Skills, Accelerate Learning for Professional, Educational and Home Use

The Learning Breakthrough system - for ADD, dyslexia, behavioral and Learning Challenged

Watchminder Vibrator and Alarm Wristwatch Training and Reminder System

Alpha-Stim For ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Mood State, Stress

Soundhealth -specially designed baroque/classical music CDs- Concentration, Thinking, Learning, Productivity, Relax, and De-Stress for concentration, relaxation, accelerated learning

Brainbuilder - To Increase Short Term Memory and Improve Cognitions, Thinking and Concentration

The Listening Program - To Enhance Listening Skills and Improve Sound Perception 

EASE Auditory CD Series for Hyperacusis/Auditory Hypersensitivity in Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), PDD, PDD-NOS, ADD, ADHD, and Down Syndrome; Low Cost Alternative to Auditory Integration Therapy





Neurofeedback (Neurotherapy) can enhance attention, focus, concentration and memory, and benefit hyperactivity issues. We can provide training for Neurofeedback Biofeedback. Read about Brainmaster, JJ and Procomp devices. Learn about the following software: TOVA, Brainware Safari, Learning Breakthrough, and Watchminder. Neurofeedback can help: ADHD children, ADHD adults, ADD children, ADD adults, stress, anxiety disorders, autism, Aspergers, depression, learning disabilities

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attention deficit disorder, Neuro Feedback, adult attention deficit disorder, Attention Deficit

Biofeedback/Neurofeedback Treatment including By Remote for Stress, ADD/ADHD, Attention Deficit, Learning Disabilities, Pain, Phobias, Peak Performance, autism, Aspergers, depression..

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