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Heart Tracker Professional package

Heart Tracker Professional

Stress Management System

In USA for non-medical use only
#1 stress management tool in the USA since July, 2008
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Practical use

The Heart Tracker Professional is the world only product available to provide professional tools for stress management and health improvement.

Many professionals can use the Heart Tracker Professional in their daily practice to empower their stress-related health assessment techniques and enhance their general treatment and stress management procedures.

Here are just few examples:
  1. Weight loss counselors may use the Heart Tracker Professional to reinforce long-term effects of their weight loss program using its stress management capabilities.
    Chronic stress is one of the main problems leading to gaining extra pounds and ending up with obesity. Thus various methods of behavioral modification helping to reduce stress also help to lose weight. More stress resilient patients tend to lose weight more effectively and with sustained results. Using the Heart Tracker Professional as a primary stress reduction tool may increase that stress resilience and thus improve the effectiveness of weight loss programs. Click here to learn how to use the Heart Tracker Professional to facilitate stress reduction.

  2. Stress management counselors and biofeedback therapists may use the Heart Tracker Professional combined with other Biocom products to evaluate stress level and optimize their stress management program.
    Various stress management techniques like paced breathing exercises may have better stress relief effect if it is possible to determine how stressed patient is. The higher stress level the stronger option of the stress management session should be applied. If stress level is low, then such session might not be even needed. Biocom Heart Tracker Professional is a powerful biofeedback tool designed to help managing stress. Click here to learn how to use the Heart Tracker Professional to manage stress. Measuring the body’s autonomic function can help to assess actual stress level. One single Inner Balance Scan test will help to determine how significant stress is.

  3. General healthcare practitioners may use the Heart Tracker Professional as an auxiliary tool to improve their patients’ health.
    Medical researchers have shown that many health problems in our modern world are stress induced or stress related. So helping patients to cope with stress would help to improve their health condition and avoid many serious complications. Many research studies have proven that spending just 15 minutes to breathe rhythmically and slowly will reset the inner regulatory balance and thus alleviate stressful condition. Doing that regularly helps to lower blood pressure, lowers chances of asthma attacks, strengthen immune system and many more. General healthcare practitioners may implement use of the Heart Tracker Professional in their practice to teach their patients how to use paced breathing for their health benefits.

  4. Psychologists may use the Heart Tracker Professional to help their clients restoring their emotional balance and manage their anger or panic attacks.
    Emotional imbalance is the problem hitting millions of people causing panic attacks, unmotivated onsets of anger, rage or deep depression. Psychologists use various educational techniques changing behavioral patterns. Deep breathing is a universal, powerful yet very simple tool to restore the emotional balance and thus cope with these very negative psycho-physiological conditions. Using the Heart Tracker Professional may enable the psychologists to significantly enhance their arsenal of treating their clients by teaching them how to manage stress, anger and other debilitating conditions by regularly doing simple breathing exercises.

  5. School teachers may use the Heart Tracker Professional to help their students to deal with their anxieties, stress and other behavioral problems caused by negative emotions.
    Many children are very sensitive to the environment in their school classes. They may develop various psychological problems caused by negative emotions originated from anxiety of learning, communications with teachers or their schoolmates. As a result their learning capabilities and health may become in jeopardy. Teachers may find the Heart Tracker Professional as an excellent tool to teach their students how to deal with their stress, negative emotions and thus improve their learning process by simply doing regular breathing exercises in a very intuitive and easy way with nice and attractive visual and audio incentives.

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