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  New PLAY ATTENTION Edufeedback system - for Attention, Focus, Concentration, Active and Short Term Memory, Hyperactivity Reduction, Reading Comprehension - uses the same feedback science and technology perfected for NASA astronauts and US Air Force pilots.Time payment plan options available.
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NeuroGuide Discr. Analyses & Norm. Databases for ADD/ADHD/LD, TBI, Dementia & Other Neurol. Disorders

The initial 12 month or 24 month Affiliate Membership is offered courtesy of BrainMaster Technologies Inc., with purchase of clinical professional, remote unlimited, or remote deluxe BrainMaster systems. Benefits consist of free (limited) technical support, an annual membership in our E-mail support list server, classified Web-Site advertisement on BrainMasters’ Affiliate Clinicians page (Available for clinicians only).  We will even link to your web site if you have one. Preferred pricing incentives and a quarterly newsletter also included. (Clinicians are invited to submit articles.) Annual renewal benefit also includes a courtesy twelvemonth extended parts and labor warranty on one of your BrainMaster modules. (Affiliate members may join the PCCP (progressive clinician courtesy program) at no additional cost and earn deeper additional discounts on products and equipment! The PCCP program was created to partner with loyal customers choosing to expand their practice with BrainMaster equipment for their clinic or remote training use. (Request your PCCP application today.) The ANM is a very wise investment for all BrainMaster clinicians!
12 month (720-101) $250.00
24 month (720-102) $395.00

12 month $145.00
24 months $230.00

Only BrainMaster offers clients the choice of continual parts and labor coverage regardless how old the equipment. The Extended Warranty adds twelve or twenty four months of additional warranty coverage against any defects in materials or workmanship. A courtesy twelve-month extended warranty is included with all AT1-2.0, 2.5SE, or Atlantis Series Clinical Pro, Remote Deluxe and Remote Unlimited systems upon purchase. Now, for a limited time all devices (regardless of age) are eligible for continual extended warranty coverage. Parts and labor shall be covered in full during the extended warranty period. Renew today to ensure continued right of warranty coverage. Shipping not included. (Minimum service/warranty fee for service returns not under warranty is $100.00 plus parts and labor). Also note: The purchase of an Extended Warranty on the first device will also include a courtesy one year Affiliate Network Membership. Additional device coverage is available at a discount:
12 month First device (555-101) $250.00
Additional devices each (555-102) $145.00
24 months First device (555-201) $395.00
Additional devices each (555-202) $230.00



When you purchase a BrainMastertm system, not only do you own the finest neurofeedback system available, but you are now a member of our BrainMaster family. And as such, you have certain rights and benefits including, but not necessarily limited to, preferred pricing on select future purchases, extended warranty, list server membership, web site listing, Progressive Clinician Courtesy Program, and discounted educational opportunities.These benefits are provided without additional charge to you for the first year as part of the Courtesy Affiliate Membership provided with your initial purchase. To continue receiving these benefits after the conclusion of your first year, you will need to maintainan active Affiliate Membership by purchasing a yearly renewal. Following are detailed explanations of each of your Affiliate Membership Benefits.


The extended warranty covers the cost of parts and labor should any unforeseen problem arise with your BrainMaster module. While everyone of our units is hand-crafted to our specifications right here in Ohio, as with all things electronic, sometimes things happen. A typical repair, if not covered by warranty or extended warranty, is subject to a minimum service fee of $100. The maximum charge for extensive repair could be many times that amount.  Affiliate Members receive repairs and replacements (at our discretion) at no additional charge. A potentially huge savings.  Extended Warranties cover 12 month time periods. With your initial purchase of previously noted systems, you automatically received a courtesy extended warranty that took effect 90 days after the original 90 day warranty expired.


Your list server membership gives your 24/7 access to experts in the industry as well as BrainMaster family members for any operational or technical ideas or suggestions others have discovered in their experience providing neurofeedback for clients. List server membership allows the new practitioner and all neurofeedback professionals, the chance to freely exchange ideas and experiences and to interact with other BrainMaster users.


Our web site listing service will give you the opportunity to grow your business by advertising your practice. You may choose either a classified listing on our Affiliate Membership locator pages or you may request your own web page space in which you can place photos and a description of your practice, which you will need to provide. Your photos can include you, your staff, and a locationshot. You may list your credentials, specialization, experience, and information that you feel will help new BrainMaster users and/or potential clients to find your clinic. We will provide links to your email address or your own website, if you have one. The value of this opportunity to reach the neurofeedback community alone exceeds the cost of your Affiliate Membership. BrainMaster’s web site averages thousands of visitors per month, most of whom are seeking neurofeedback guidance. Our website listings allow these clients to find trained neurofeedback practitioners locally.  You may be the clinician for whom they are looking.  Clients can choose and train with clinicians who specialize in their area of need, either one-on-one in the clinician’s office, or remotely from their home. If you are trying to build a Remote Training branch of your business, this is a good opportunity to attract clients who live beyond your geographical boundaries. All website commitment, intent, and communication must be by written request only.


As you progress in neurofeedback, you will want to expand your horizons and add certain elements to your offerings. As an Affiliate Member, you can do so at a reduced price of between 10% and 40% off our non-member prices. Both prices are listed in our price list so you can see how much you’ll save on future purchases.  Affiliate Preferred Pricing is a sensible way to grow your animation library which in turn provides more variety that will keep your clients, especially younger children, from becoming bored and losing interest.


For those interested in expanding into Remote Training or increasing their in-clinic use of BrainMaster equipment, BrainMaster has created a partnership through PCCP that allows the clinician to obtain additional equipment or software at a deeper-discount . This additional membership is provided at no additional cost based on a continuing purchase commitment and maintaining an active Affiliate Membership.


Neurofeedback is such a rapidly growing industry that both new and established clinicians need to consistently attend continuing education seminars. Our Affiliate Members automatically receive discounted admission to BrainMaster related seminars and workshops and those provided by Stress Therapy Solutions throughout the year.


  • $250 for a single year membership
  • $395 for a two year membership
  • Includes extended warranty on one applicable BrainMaster that you presently own.
  • Extended warranties for additional BrainMasters available at $145 per unit per year.
  • $145 Non-clinician yearly membership. Extended warranty and list server, only.


With your first BrainMaster AT-1.9ADeluxe, AT1-2.0 Clinical Pro, or AT1-2.0Remote Deluxe or Unlimited Systems purchase, you automatically receive a complimentary Affiliate Membership and are immediately included in the BrainMaster family. 

This provides you:

  • Extended Warranty
  • List Server Membership
  • Website Listing
  • Preferred Pricing
  • PCCP Option
  • Discounted Educational Opportunities

To continue to take advantage of these and other perks, make sure your Affiliate Membership stays current. If you aren’t certain if yours is still active, call us and we’ll see that your membership remains in good standing.  All Preferred Pricing Discounts, PCCPDiscounts, and Dealer Discounts are subject to active Affiliate Membership Status.



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New PLAY ATTENTION Edufeedback system - for Attention, Focus, Concentration, Active and Short Term Memory, Hyperactivity Reduction, Reading Comprehension - uses the same feedback science and technology perfected for NASA astronauts and US Air Force pilots. Time payment plan options available.
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Desiccants - Mol Sieve, Silica Gel - Excellent Quality and Lowest Prices on Quantity Purchases. More info...



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