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Aphasia Treatment    Aphasia Therapy   Speech   Reading Comprehension

Aphasia Tutor (AT) program series

Aphasia Tutor is a series of programs (AT series) that improve Speech, word-retrieval, reading and writing.

These programs were specially designed for those who have had a brain injury (such as a stroke) which impairs the language center of the brain.

The exercises are organized in increasing difficulty, beginning with letters, then words, sentences, paragraphs and stories.  Each program targets a different skill area or skill level, and each contain many different lessons at different difficulty levels.  For information on each program, click on one of the links to the right.  Multiple programs can be used at one time.

You can purchase purchase individual modules (programs) or save money by buying a package of programs.

Typical Usage
These programs provide interactive personal speech/language practice for patients suffering from CVA, TBI, CHI., or exhibiting aphasia symptoms. With multiple difficulty levels, multimedia feedback, and "hints", Aphasia Tutor provides exercises which are challenging and feedback that teaches and encourages.

Aphasia Tutor Modules

Individual Modules:
Sights'n Sounds

AT 1: Letters and Words

AT 2: Sentences and Phrases

AT 3: Paragraph Reading

AT 4: Practical Reading

Computer Requirements

Why these programs are so effective

All Bungalow programs are designed to be used independently by the patient at home (or in therapy).  This independence allows the patient to work at their own speed, gain confidence, motivation and empowerment as they participate fully in their recovery. This is accomplished through the following unique features designed by Bungalow's speech therapist....

  • Hints - User can click on the Hints button or press the <control> key on the keyboard to receive a hint in the fill-in-the-blank levels. (
  • Clear, multimedia cueing for correct/incorrect answers.  Provides motivating feedback on a correct answer.
  • Challenge without failure.  Like physical exercise, you want to work up a "mental sweat" but not pull a mental muscle.  This program provides a variety of difficulty levels and never leaves the user confused.  If a question is missed, the program allows additional tries and makes the question easier.  So, a fill-in-the blank question is asked.  User gets some letters wrong.  Program shows which were right and gives another chance to answer.  User gets it wrong again.  Program defaults to multiple choice and lets the user try again.  User still misses the question.  Program lets user know what the correct answer was by blinking the correct answer.
There are also advantages for clinicians, such as saving time and providing an extra service (free demo disks) to patients.

Sights'n Sounds 

This Aphasia Tutor program improves speech production, articulation and word retrieval.

AT 1: Letters and Words

Over 700 questions and 8 lessons: 

  1. Letter Matching: Multiple Choice
  2. Letter Copying
  3. Word Matching: Multiple Choice
  4. Word Copying
  5. Picture-Word Matching, Nouns: Multiple Choice
  6. Picture Naming, Nouns, Fill-in
  7. Picture-Word Matching, Verbs: Multiple Choice -View a screen shot
  8. Picture Naming, Verbs: Fill-in

AT 2: Sentences

This module continues where AT-1 leaves off.  Its very similar in function, but with higher level content.  700 questions and 7 lessons:

  1. Phrase Completion: Multiple Choice
  2. Phrase Completion: Fill-in
  3. Sentence Completion: Multiple Choice
  4. Sentence Completion: Fill-in
  5. Definition Completion: Multiple Choice
  6. Definition Completion: Fill-in
  7. Sentence -Picture Matching

AT 3:  Paragraph and Story Reading

Targets reading comprehension at the paragraph level. Displays paragraphs and comprehension questions at increasing difficulty levels, progressing in passage length and question complexity (including factual and inferential questions). Provides cues for incorrect answers by highlighting pertinent passage text.

Contains over 20 different stories, and 400 questions, ranging in length from single paragraph to several pages.  Paragraph and sentence lengths are gradually increased from simple sentences and three sentence paragraphs all the way up to actual novels.

Our exclusive IntelliHints™ allow unassisted use of the program.  If the user answers incorrectly, the program will highlight the portion of the story that contains the answer to the question.  This helps the user learn to find pertinent portions of a passage.

Has a ReadingCursor, which helps the patient follow the text (excellent for those with left or right neglect).   The Reading Cursor highlights one word at a time and moves forward as the user presses the right-arrow key.

Stories include excerpts from:

  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Little Women
  • The Call of the Wild
  • Alice in Wonderland

And many more

  1. Short Sentences, single paragraphs.  View a screen shot of level 1.
  2. Longer Sentences, single paragraphs
  3. Longer Sentences, multiple paragraphs
  4. Long Sentences, multiple-page stories.  View a screen shot of level 4.

Click here for more info

AT 4: Functional Reading

This program provides realistic reading material, such as medicine labels, want-ads, and television guides. Audio/Visual feedback is also provided to the user.

  1. Reading Schedules
  2. Reading Newspapers - view a screen shot
  3. Reading Bills
  4. Locating Services
  5. Reading Product Warning Labels
  6. .Reading About Food

Our exclusive IntelliHints™ allow unassisted use of the program.  If the user answers incorrectly, the program will highlight the portion of the question cue that contains the answer to the question. Check out this view of the screen.  Notice the red, highlighted section of the prompt.  That's the IntelliHints™ at work!

Click here for more info


Synonyms, Antonyms, & Homonyms

This is a higher level word retrieval program.  A good companion to Aphasia Tutor 2.

Displays a prompt such as "Up is the opposite of ___". The patient chooses or types the correct answer. As the title suggests, has lessons where the
patient finds a word that has the same meaning (Synonym), opposite meaning (Antonym) or finds another word that sounds the same (Homonym).

15 Lessons of increasing difficulty:

  1. Opposites (multiple choice) 
  2. Opposites (fill-in-the blank)
  3. Opposites (multiple choice) - Harder
  4. Opposites (fill-in-the blank) - Harder
  5. Words with the same meaning (multiple choice)
  6. Words with the same meaning (fillin)
  7. Words with the same meaning (multiple choice) - Harder
  8. Words with the same meaning (fillin) - Harder
  9. Words with the same meaning (multiple choice) - Hardest
  10. Words with the same meaning (fillin) - Hardest
  11. Words that sound alike (multiple choice)
  12. Words that sound alike (fillin)
  13. Words that sound alike (Hard)
  14. Words that sound alike (Harder)
  15. Words that sound alike (Hardest)

Click here for more info on this program

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Computer Requirements

Detailed Answer

  • PC with Windows 95  or higher.

    That means Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, or Vista. 
    If your computer has a Start button in the lower left comer, you've got one of those versions.  If your computer has enough power to run Windows 95 it has enough memory and speed to run our programs. Have a Macintosh computer?  There are several options for your Macintosh.

  • Sound Card

    If  your PC ever plays music (even  just at start up) it has a sound card.  If it has external speakers, it probably has a sound card.  Speakers plug into the sound card.

  • Microphone

    These are not expensive. We sell them for $9.50.

  • Display  (sometimes called Screen or Moniwtor)

    256 color display (sometimes called "8 bit" color display).  We have not seen a modern computer without this display since the year 2000.

  • 20 MB Hard Drive space per program.

    Most computers 5 years old old or newer have  1000 to 20,000 MB Hard Drives.


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Read success stories from stroke and brain injury survivors who used the Bungalow therapy programs.

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Aphasia Treatment    Aphasia Therapy   Speech   Reading Comprehension

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