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Aphasia Treatment    Aphasia Therapy   Speech   Reading Comprehension

How the speech therapy software works

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The Bungalow speech & language software works in much the same way a speech pathologists provides drill therapy: 

  1. Prompts the patient with a cue (photo, spoken question, story, movie, etc.).
  2. Patient responds by answering a question (typing, speaking, or picking an answer). 
  3. Program evaluates the answer and gives feedback.
  4. Lets patient try again until they get the right answer.

There are 20 Bungalow programs for different types of speech therapy.

Clinically tested
The programs are based on techniques pioneered by speech pathologists (therapists).  Speech therapy software has been clinically proven to help patients improve speech & language. Our focus from beginning, back in 1995, was helping patients work independently at home. The programs provide feedback and hints so patients can work at their own pace whenever they like, for as long as they like. This is an incredible motivation for patients who, often for the first time, can work at speech therapy independently at home.  Patients and brain-injury survivors have praised Bungalow Software for how much it's helped patients recover. We've even had one caregiver contact one of these customers and interview them by email.

Faster recovery during speech therapy
Bungalow can also help patients who are still receiving speech therapy.  They can help patients get more speech therapy from insurance. One of the most common reasons insurance cancels therapy is lack of therapy, thanks to the Plateau Paradox.  If the patient doesn't show fast enough progress, insurance ends therapy, sending the patient home for more practice until they improve enough to be ready for more therapy. But patients don't get practice at home, so they never return for more therapy. Until now. Using Bungalow programs at home can help patients work through their plateau before insurance cancels therapy.

Clinicians around the world have been using the Bungalow programs for over a decade.  These speech therapy programs can help speech therapists save time and deliver better results.

Summary of Benefits
  • Clinically proven
    Clinical studies
    have shown that therapy software can greatly help patients improve speech & language skills.

  • Motivates the survivor
    The programs are interactive, providing feedback (instant grading) and helpful hints.  So patients can work at the limit of their ability to make real progress, and don't become bored or frustrated as easily.

  • Independent therapy
    Because of the feedback and hints, patients can work at their own pace whenever they like, for as long as they like.

  • Can be use at home or in the clinic

  • Can provide valuable home therapy practice or be use with speech therapy in the clinic.

  • Provides drill work that a therapist often can't provide.
    Survivors often reach temporary plateaus in their recovery.  To get past a plateau, they need a lot of drill work at the same level.  But Drill work is not covered by insurance because Insurance companies do not believe it requires the skills of a licensed therapist, so therapists usually can't provide that drill work therapy.

  • Can help extend speech therapy
    If a survivor's progress is not consistently, measurably improving,  insurance companies typically will end therapy. By providing lots of drill-practice, computer-assisted speech therapy can help improve progress and prevent the insurance company from terminating therapy.



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Aphasia Treatment    Aphasia Therapy   Speech   Reading Comprehension

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