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Aphasia Treatment    Aphasia Therapy   Speech   Reading Comprehension

Are your clients getting enough therapy?

Speech-therapists are squeezed between PPS, managed care, and the Medicare cap.  The lunch hour's been replaced by the lunch quarter-hour  in which you return phone calls and try to eat.  We know. Our clinical consultant has been there.

One solution is for caregivers to take on more therapy tasks.  Unfortunately there are several obstacles to this...

Why your patients don't get home therapy
  1. Caregivers are busy working and providing basic care for the survivor.  They have little time to provide one-on-one drill practice, and "grade" worksheets, etc.
  2. Caregivers frequently don't have therapy- skills, training or experience necessary to provide effective drill therapy to the client.
  3. Some clients live alone or without a full-time caregiver.
  4. Clients become bored or frustrated with worksheets because they don't provide immediate feedback, or help if the patient has difficulty.  Also, many clients feel that worksheets are "kids work" because school may be the last place they did that sort of task.
Clients do their "Bungalow homework" because they...
  • Get immediate, appropriate feedback and cueing.
  • Work independently at their own speed.
  • Have ownership of therapy.
  • Get therapy in the comfort of their own home when and for how long they want.  

Effective home therapy improves your therapy session efficacy.  



Quote about speech therapy softwareAphasia Tutor's multiple difficulty levels and feedback ensure success...The patient never walks away [from the program] discouraged."

Candice Gordon, Speech Therapist
Former Clinic Supervisor, Portland State Speech and Science Program.



Quote about speech therapy softwareI teach at a University and love the concept of your company.  Therapy is so much more effective when clients can follow through with it at home.

"Bungalow is a wonderful addition and supplement to our field, and a wonderful resource for our clients."

Trina Harvey-Brown, 
West Texas A&M University, Canyon, Texas
More clinician comments>>

How to get more done in the clinic

Put the client to work on one of the Bungalow programs while you observe.  This lets you:

  • Accomplish additional ancillary tasks, such as making worksheets, or charting. While observing them on the computer.  

  • Save time because you don't have to score the client's responses and you get automatic results summaries and even automatically save them for later reference..

  • Gain valuable insight into how clients function in a "real world" setting without the assistance of a speech therapist.  

    Many patients do well with a highly trained SLP providing them with appropriate encouragement, but become frustrated in the "real world". You gain valuable insight by "being a spectator" because you get to see how the client interacts in the "real world".

  • Concentrate on compensatory strategies instead of drills.  The client can work on Bungalow programs at home for drill practice while you focus on generalized skills for the client and caregiver(s).
  • Reduce your paperwork by using the automatic progress tracking reports, which the programs automatically record.


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Aphasia Treatment    Aphasia Therapy   Speech   Reading Comprehension

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