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Aphasia Treatment    Aphasia Therapy   Speech   Reading Comprehension

Direction Following Out Loud+

Auditory Processing therapy software: CLICK for more SCREEN shots.Improves ability to understand, remember, and execute instructions, both verbal and written.

Patient hears and/or reads directions and follows them by moving shapes on the screen with the mouse or keyboard. If the patient answers incorrectly, program provides helpful suggestions in a human voice, like "that's the wrong shape. You should be moving the large red triangle".

Unlimited therapy: 500,000 exercises.

Every time you run the program it creates a new lesson with as many exercises as you want to work on.

Challenge for anyone: 200 difficulty levels.

Easiest: "Select the square"

Most difficult: 3 step instruction with shapes, colors and sizes:

Appropriate for:

  • Following directions
  • Reading comprehension
  • Auditory Processing Disorder
  • Auditory comprehension
  • Visual scanning
  • Sequencing
  • Memory
MOST CHALLENGING LEVEL  in this Auditory Processing therapy software: CLICK for more SCREEN pictures."Put the large red triangle above the small blue square, then put the mall green square above the large white circle, after you put the large green square to the left of the small blue triangle."  

Change the Difficulty

Perfect challenge for anyone.  You can control any of the following:

  1. Number of steps 

    0, 1, 2, or 3-step instructions (called "Command Complexity")

  2. Complexity of the shapes 
    • Shape alone ("circle")
    • Shape + Color (" red square")
    • Shape + Color + Size ("small red square")
  3. Extra shapes

    Add extra shapes (foils) to increase or decrease scanning difficulty.

I've seen improvements in my clients!

-Nora E. Reid, Speech Pathologist

Provides additional therapy

This flexible therapy program also lets you work on:

Memory Practice

Shows (or speaks) instructions. Instructions then disappears and patient follows them from memory.

Auditory Comprehension

Direction Following is wonderful!

-Phyllis Baird, caregiver

Patient follows the instructions that are spoken to him/her. Written instructions are not shown.

Reading Comprehension

Patient reads and follows written instructions. The program can also speak the instructions if needed. 


Key Benefits
  • Unlimited therapy...

    The program creates a unique, random set of questions every time you use it, with over 500,000 different possible questions.

Easiest Exercise

Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD): Therapy software

Most difficult Exercise Central Auditory Processing Disorder: Therapy software

  • Therapy for all skill levels ...

    Graduated, increasing difficulty levels from the very "select the square", to the very complex, three step commands with 6 shapes of 2 sizes, in 8 colors.  The program lets you set the complexity of the directions, how detailed the shapes are (from just a 'square' to 'small red square'), add extra shapes to make it harder, and much, much more..

  • Flexible
    • Limit program to only certain colors for those who are color blind
    • Test reading and/or auditory comprehension
    • Test memory of written and/or spoken directions.
  • Saves time and paperwork by automating outcomes data.   After every lesson, the program gives a report with the date, the number of questions correct on 1, 2, 3, and 4 tries, and the level of difficulty.  Just print these out after every lesson for no-hassle efficacy data. (provided in the Professional version only.)
had a breakthrough with Direction Following.  My son really enjoys it.

-Elizabeth Brockman, caregiver, Washington

Feature Details:

  1. Identify the shape.  User must click on the appropriate shape. View screen shot. 
  2. Single step command, e.g., "Move the red square above the blue triangle"
  3. Two step command
  4. Three step command
  5. Two step command in reversed order, e.g, "Move the square after you move circle"
  6. Three step command in reversed order, e.g., "Move the triangle after you move the star.   Then, move the sqare".  (see screen shot to the right)
  1. One critical attribute (shape type, e.g., "square, circle", etc.)
  2. Two critical attributes (shape and color, e.g., "blue square")
  3. Three critical attributes (shape, color, and size, e.g., "small blue square")
  • Choose written and/or spoken instructions
  • Up to 10 foil shapes (additional shapes that make the task harder)
  • Memory challenge option makes the Directions disappear after the user begins executing the directions.  User can press the space bar to read the directions again.
  • IntelliHints provide intelligent feedback to the user.  If the user executes the directions out of order, or chooses the wrong shape or moves the right shape to the wrong location, the program provides appropriate, specific feedback, such as "You are moving the shapes in the wrong order"

Written-only version also available

If you only need the written direction following, or do not have a sound card, we also have the basic Direction Following (written only) version.  This is the same as Direction Following Out Loud+, but does not have any verbal component.  All directions are written-only.  That version is less expensive.

Computer Requirements

Microsoft Windows (Any version from 1995 to present: 95, 98, NT, or XP),  8 MB or more memory, 5 MB Hard Drive space.

Soundcard (required for the the Out Loud version)

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Aphasia Treatment    Aphasia Therapy   Speech   Reading Comprehension

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