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Aphasia Treatment    Aphasia Therapy   Speech   Reading Comprehension

The Therapy Advisor

Suggests programs based on this patient's unique therapy needs.

  1. Click the white checkbox for the symptoms that apply to the patient.
  2. Click the Recommend programs button.

Speech (expressive language)

Word-retrieval -Aphasia
Difficulty thinking of the right word to say or write, or with the naming objects.
Example: Patient may have difficulty naming everyday objects ("I.... thirsty... cold cubes." instead of "I'm thirsty, I want water with ice."

Test:  point to 10 common objects.  Can the patient say all 10 in 1 minute? Can they spell out (with pencil or letter tiles) all 10 in 5 minutes? Any difficulty with either task suggests possible word-retrieval difficulty.

Speech clarity/articulation
-Apraxia, Dysarthria
Patient's speech is not not clear (difficult to understand) even when reading aloud.
Example: May have difficulty clearly speaking the word for common objects (spoon, fork, glass).  They might even have difficulty reading words aloud, or  repeating the word back after you say it.

Test:  Ask the patient to speak the name of each of 10 things you point to. Can they say them clearly? Can they read the words aloud clearly?


Speaking too quickly or slowly
Might have dysarthria (weakness or discoordination of the mouth muscles.)
Example: Speech might be slurred. May "run out of" breath while speaking, or speak too softly. 
Test: If you can make them speak more slowly (maybe one word at a time), is it easier to understand them?
Speaking numbers clearly
-Aphasia, Apraxia
Difficulty reading numbers out loud clearly.
Test: Have them read aloud  some numbers such as: 3468  or $2,345.52  or a phone number (540) 951-0623. Try this 5 or 10 times. If they get any digit wrong, they need help with this.
Voice therapy -Dysphonia
Difficulty controlling the pitch and loudness of the voice. 

This is therapy for the voice, not for speech.

Example: Difficulty with controlling pitch or loudness of their voice.

Reading Comprehension - Receptive Aphasia

Difficulty understanding what they read.
Difficulty reading sentences. Example: Difficulty matching written sentences to pictures. 
Difficulty reading words.  Example: Difficulty matching written words to pictures. 

Auditory Processing & Comprehension

Understanding speech they hear. Example: They may have trouble understanding someone speaking to them. Might  have difficulty comprehending and following spoken instructions.

Test:  Ask them to put the fork the left of the plate and the knife in the plate the spoon in the cup.  Ask them a question and show them 4 written answers and see if they can pick the right answer. 

Memory & Reasoning (cognition)

Short-term memory

They have difficulty remembering instructions, something you just told them, etc.

Example: If you ask them to put the glass on the table and get a napkin out of the drawer, they have difficulty completing that task.
Understanding word relationships -Cognition
They have difficulty understanding how words relate to each other.
Example: They might not realize which word doesn't belong in the following:  Egg, Cheese, Rock, Ice-cream. Or, if you give them a group (Horse, chicken, mule, they might have difficulty naming the category (farm animals))
Problem-solving Example: Solving simple problems such as following cooking recipes or TV schedules, or understanding traffic signs.












  1. Click the check boxes (in the first column) next to any areas the patient wants improvement.  
  2. Click on the "Show me" button at the bottom of the page.

The questions below isolate each of the main skills commonly impaired due to a head injury.   Each describes a skill area (speech, writing, etc.)

If the patient desires to improve that skill area check the box to the left. All programs that match the desired skill areas will be displayed.  You can repeat this survey again if you like.

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Aphasia Treatment    Aphasia Therapy   Speech   Reading Comprehension

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