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Aphasia Treatment    Aphasia Therapy   Speech   Reading Comprehension

Aphasia Therapy Software - Speech Disorder Treatment

Speech & language recovery after stroke, aphasia or brain injury

Proven, effective speech therapy software. Use independently or with a speech therapist.

Specially designed programs provide unlimited, independent speech, language and cognitive stimulation using proven therapeutic techniques. Designed by speech therapists and used around the world since 1995.

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Thousands of patients around the world have used this interactive rehabilitation software while in therapy and after discharge.  Marie Ritchie's story (at right) is typical of the successes reported. 

How it works
Patients use the software in the clinic or at home on their own computer. The programs provide the same sorts of practice that a speech therapist might provide. It might show them a  spoon and have them name it. Or they might read a story or follow written or spoken instructions.  Read more about how it works >>

Stroke and other brain injuries are devastating. 
Unfortunately, few stroke & brain-injury survivors receive the enormous amount of speech therapy needed for recovery.  Bungalow Software provides extra therapy practice to recover speech, reading, and writing, and cognitive skills. 

If you need help figuring out which programs are most appropriate, contact us or use the online Therapy Advisor.

Aphasia, stroke, speech & language therapy. Therapist demonstrating therapy software for speech & language.

Quote about speech therapy softwareBetween the speech therapists and the Bungalow Software, my husband John is doing so well that he is able to communicate his wants and needs by speech.  The speech therapists said that your aphasia therapy software has helped John progress to this level of speech."  More testimonials>>

 -Marie Ritchie,
caregiver & wife


Quote about speech therapy softwareAphasia Tutor's multiple difficulty levels and feedback ensure success...The patient never walks away [from the program] discouraged."


Candice Gordon, Speech Pathologist
Former Clinic Supervisor, Portland State Speech and Science Program.


Quote about speech therapy softwareI teach at a University and love the concept of your company.  Therapy is so much more effective when clients can follow through with it at home.

"Bungalow is a wonderful addition and supplement to our field, and a wonderful resource for our clients."

Trina Harvey-Brown, 
West Texas A&M University, Canyon, Texas

More clinician comments>>

Aphasia Therapy Software - Call 212-222-5665 - Learn About Speech & Language Home Therapy, Speech Disorder Treatment, Stroke Recovery & Rehab & Bungalow Software. Aphasia/Apraxia/Aphemia/Speechless


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Aphasia Treatment    Aphasia Therapy   Speech   Reading Comprehension

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