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Aphasia Treatment    Aphasia Therapy   Speech   Reading Comprehension

Therapy software, by symptom

Therapy software programs you use at home or in the clinic following a stroke or brain injury. Listed by diagnosis (deficit), with the easiest programs in each section listed first.
Or view alphabetically by name of product.

Word-Retrieval {Expressive Aphasia}

Thinking of the right word to say or write. 

Quote about speech therapy software[Y]our software is great. 

[It] has excited my father beyond belief!

My Dad had a stroke and suffers from aphasia."

-Tim Wharton

Articulation {Apraxia, Dysarthria} 

Speaking clearly.

  • Speech Sounds On Cue - Videos show patient how to say letters and words. For patients who benefit from watching your mouth model the sounds they are trying to repeat.
  • Sights'n Sounds - Patients verbally names pictures, reads words aloud and repeats words they hear. For patients who can repeat what you say (possibly with effort) without seeing your mouth modeling the word for them.
  • Numbers 'n Sounds - Speaking numbers out loud.
  • SpeechPacer - Helps to slow down (or speed up) patient's speech.
Reading comprehension {Receptive Aphasia} Cognitive ("thinking") exercises

Auditory Processing Disorder

Quote about speech therapy softwareThanks for a wonderful product.

The programs* are producing results for my son Jeremy."

*Synonyms.., Direction Following Out Loud, Aphasia Tutor 1: Words Out Loud

-Paul Thorton, NY

Auditory Comprehension Auditory Discrimination Voice Spectral Analysis
  • Speech Prism  - Helpful for vocal cord or voice pitch quality. It provides a visual display of what the voice looks like and is thus recommended for a patients with voice disorders who can not hear when they are voicing sounds correctly or not.


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Aphasia Treatment    Aphasia Therapy   Speech   Reading Comprehension

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