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Aphasia Treatment    Aphasia Therapy   Speech   Reading Comprehension

Speech Therapy Success stories

Stories of speech therapists and their patients (stroke and brain-injury survivors) who have recovered speech & language skills using Bungalow Software.


Tex is proud and enjoys home therapy

Tex having fun with some Bungalow therapy programs.  CLICK on his picture to read more about his success story.Quote about speech therapy softwareMy dad and the speech therapist worked on the demo the other day. He was so proud that he was able to operate the software. He was so excited to show his speech therapist. It was fun for him. He just laughed and laughed when I got home trying to tell me about it. Mom said Laura the speech therapist really liked the software and is thinking of getting it for herself."

Suzee Bolton

Follow-up to this story: a customer read Suzee's story and interviewed her.  You can read that email exchange.



Easier and more productive

From a letter Helen Talley wrote us.  CLICK here to read Helen's whole letter.

Wilson Talley working on Bungalow therapy programs.  CLICK on the picture to read more about Wilson.Wilson Talley, taking a break from home therapy for a quick photo.

Quote above from Helen's letter to us. Helen was also interviewed by another caregiver.



Independent & Fun

Mrs. Mochocki enjoying aphasia software.Quote about speech therapy softwareShe liked it the minute she got on it. It's something she can do without me. The other options were so difficult."

-  George Mochocki,
caregiver to wife



John now communicates

John working on Bungalow programs for aphasia.Quote about speech therapy softwareBetween the speech therapists and the Bungalow Software, my husband John is doing so well that he is able to communicate his wants and needs by speech. The speech therapists said your software has helped John progress to this level of speech."

-Marie Ritchie, caregiver, and wife



Most popular part of therapy at the Cogn. Ehn. Center

Brain-Injury survivors (patients) using Bungalow's speech therapy software at the Cognitive Enhancement Center

Quote about speech therapy softwareWhen we first pondered providing this type of software in the development stages of our Program, we received feedback from some Colleagues that it would be highly unlikely cognitive software would capture and hold the interest of our clients in a Long Term setting.

I am very pleased to say, Bungalow Software has made the Centers' computer room the most popular area of the Program. Our Clients very much enjoy the challenges your Software provides as well as the positive verbal responses they receive when answering the questions correctly or even incorrectly. You obviously understand how very important it is to nurture ones' self confidence, which in turn keeps them engaged, and continue on the path of their rehabilitation. Bravo!

Brad Loftis / CEO

Cognitive Enhancement Center
15705 S.E. Powell Blvd.
Portland, Oregon 97236



"Ms Daisy is amazing us all"

Mrs. Daisy's amazing aphasia therapy.Quote about speech therapy softwareMy wife has decided to put all her effort into improving herself.

Improvements are coming with remarkable speed...articulation, reading comprehension and even starting conversations surprised us all. She has spent 5 1/2 hours during 2 days, working the sample Aphasia exercises on her computer, mastered the mouse, won another game of solitaire on my computer elated with her own progress. 

-  Kenneth Nash, caregiver &  husband



It helped my son

Quote about speech therapy softwareThanks, for the wonderful CD, my son who is eleven enjoys the opposites, my son is diagnosed the receptive and expressive speech delays, and also stutters. The three programs [Synonyms.., Direction Following Out Loud, Aphasia Tutor 1: Words Out Loud] are producing results for my son Jeremy. Thanks for a wonderful product." 

Jeremy Thorton using software for auditory processing.-Paul Thorton, NY




Success at the After Stroke Center

Stroke survivor Ernie working on Aphasia TutorQuote about speech therapy softwareWe are having good success using your program Aphasia Tutor at our After Stroke Center"

-Debe Gonsalves,  
director, After Stroke Center, CA.
Reach them by phone: (626) 914-5471



Patients thrilled to work independently

Quote about speech therapy softwareI appreciate your help. It is amazing to see people with aphasia work with your software. They are thrilled to find something they can do for themselves and by themselves."

-Marylee Nunley, host of
StrokeCamp in rural Illinois.



Joan improved language... and self esteem !

Quote about speech therapy softwareMy wife Joan has been using the three programs: Sights'n Sounds, Aphasia Tutor #1, and DirectionFollowing Out Loud. They appear to be working well and she enjoys spending time on the computer. Learning is fun rather than a chore. Doing as well as she has builds confidence and improves her self esteem."

-Chuck McKenna, caregiver



Exactly what was needed

Quote about speech therapy softwareThe speech therapist says this is just what he needs for the area of the brain in which they are working. Evidently you have a very good therapist who is helping you create the software. Thank you."

-Beverly C., caregiver


Quote about speech therapy softwareThe program from your company is going to open new doors for my husband Bill "

 -Janet A., caregiver, Massachusetts


Quote about speech therapy softwareClay, I wanted to write and tell you that your software has excited my father beyond belief!

My Dad was in a car accident over twelve years ago, then had a stroke and spent a great deal of time in a rehab hospital. He suffers from aphasia and a host of other maladies but lives by himself and does very well for a person suffering the disabilities he has.

I ordered the Aphasia Tutor software last week and had my Dad up for Thanksgiving. I loaded the software on my home PC, showed him the basics of using it and off he went! He was pumped! I have for years looked for software that isn't childlike, presents just the correct amount of challenge and STILL notifies him, in a very subtle manner, that he has made a mistake (or, better yet, that he has not made an error and did get the question correct).

I had just about given up when I found your Bungalow software on the Internet and ordered the Aphasia CD. I wanted you to know that your software is great, your literature is great and that you all are providing what I consider to be a very valuable and needed solution for folks who like, and need, to continue learning pretty much on their own. My Dad now has the software loaded on his PC and I have no doubt that he'll be using it every day for quite awhile. He and I agreed that he'd get used to using the programs/lessons (along with becoming familiar with the computer and mouse once again) and then we'd look into purchasing additional lessons.

I thank you for caring enough about people such as my father who need these types of programs to create the software and market it. It certainly made his day and I foresee him using this a great deal. Although I have no idea if this will assist my father with his aphasia, I do know that he will certainly enjoy sitting down and going through each lesson."

 -Many thanks once again. Tim Wharton, caregiver

Quote about speech therapy softwareThis software is changing our lives and giving Frank [a stroke survivor] such newfound self esteem."

Barbara Schor

Quote about speech therapy softwareWe've had  a breakthrough with Direction Following Plus. My son really enjoys it. All the programs are great

-Elizabeth Brockman, caregiver, Washington

Praise from Doctors and Speech Pathologists

Quote about speech therapy softwareI just want you to know how thrilled I am with the Bungalow software. My father had a massive stroke which severely affected his speech center. He was in the hospital for five months and during this time he received speech therapy. I can say with confidence that Dad has made more progress in the three weeks we have been working with the Bungalow software... Dad is progressing much faster than I thought he would and is enjoying his time in "speech therapy with the computer" Now he actually looks forward to his therapy time. I recommend anyone with aphasia or brain injury look at this program and try it out to see for themselves how effective it is."

 -Dr. Kathryn Dykman, M.D


Quote about speech therapy softwareHi, we love the software as do our clients.
It is very effective with our stroke survivors. Keep us up to date with new products. Thanks.

Our results with the Aphasia Package are miraculous. We are seeing great results with clients who are using the
software with care givers and volunteers as well as with certified speech pathologists. Thanks."

 -Judith Widmer
Palm Springs Stroke Activity Center


Quote about speech therapy softwareI have found the programs helpful. It's like having a buddy working with me. Before I started with the, I was a mess. I feel like I'm getting help from this."

Dr. Paul Fredrick, MD


Praise from Speech Therapists (Pathologists)


Exactly what was needed

Quote about speech therapy softwareAphasia Tutor's multiple difficulty levels and feedback ensure success...The patient never walks away [from the program] discouraged

-Candice Gordon, Speech Pathologist
Former Clinic Supervisor, Portland State Speech and Science Program


Quote about speech therapy softwareI am absolutely thrilled with your programs"

Shannon Segroves , Speech-Language Pathologist
Sunshine Speech Therapy Inc.


The kids love Direction Following

Quote about speech therapy softwareWhen I open up my activity books on the subject of listening skills, my middle schoolers ask if they can 'play' Direction Following Plus. For them, work is play with this dynamite software!"

-Carol Flaherty, SLP

Direction Following helped her patients

Quote about speech therapy softwareThe Direction Following Out Loud program I purchased is being used daily.
It's great. I have seen improvements in my clients!"

-Nora E. Reid, MS, SLP

Quote about speech therapy softwareWe love the Bungalow package.  Our patients are thrilled  with the computerized stimuli and are making improved progress.

Jim Zeigler
Dickinson County Health System

Quote about speech therapy softwareWe found a level for every patient we tried Aphasia Tutor with"  

-Peggy S., Speech-Language Pathologist,  Duluth, MN


Quote about speech therapy softwareVery good product indeed!"

-Yvon Blais, M.O.A., O(C),
Orthophoniste (Canadian speech therapist), Quebec

Quote about speech therapy softwareI'm really impressed with Aphasia Tutor.  I'm going to use it with a client tomorrow"

-Susan L., speech therapist, Missouri

Quote about speech therapy softwareI was impressed with the quality of the materials. I look forward to receiving updates on future forms. Thank you for a straight-forward product like this."

-Nancy A., M.S., CCC-SLP, in Seattle

Quote about speech therapy softwareI was referred by a relative who is a speech therapist. I was amazed. Mom loves to work on your software."

-Charyn Watson, caregiver and daughter of stroke survivor

Quote about speech therapy softwareWe are looking forward to a good recovery and feel this [program] will be one of the tools that helps us."  

-Marv Shaw, USA

Quote about speech therapy softwareI wanted something [my husband]  can do without much assistance and your software is just that. Thank you for developing it. We really appreciate it.  "

             -Marly Flanders

Quote about speech therapy softwareI  wanted my parents actively doing something to improve their lives. ... my Dad had been losing more of his communication skills lately. He needed more practice. Your products seemed to fit the bill perfectly.  I am sure my father will benefit greatly from your software.  Once again, thank you!" 

-Gary Samples,  Michigan, who bought it for his father

Quote about speech therapy softwareCongratulations with your program APHASIA TUTOR. I simply love it! "  

-Sven M. in Uruguay

Quote about speech therapy softwareI have found the software company I am going to stay with. One who asks what I want!!"

Tanya D., TBI survivor

FreeForm SLP Worksheets save time

Quote about speech therapy softwareWith the new PPS, we don't have time to copy [worksheets], so FreeForm saves valuable time

-Susan L., SLP, in Missouri

Quote about speech therapy softwareGreat software! 
With the monetary challenges we face with managed care and prospective payment, it is important to find more efficient ways to complete the educational and clerical tasks of our service and put it back into actual time spent with our patients. These programs do exactly that!"

-Dean R. of Southern Oaks Health Care Center




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Aphasia Treatment    Aphasia Therapy   Speech   Reading Comprehension

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