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Aware EMG Dual Muscle Monitor
More Natural Muscle Measurement

The Aware EMG is a wireless, wearable instrument for real-time monitoring of two muscle sites. When employed on a stand-alone basis, the Aware EMG is used primarily for pelvic floor rehabilitation (PFR), but can also be used for musculoskeletal rehab. The Aware EMG is 3m system for non-invasive diagnosis and treatment and can be used as an optional diagnostic adjunct to the CT3000 UroCuff Test.

- Wearable instrument with wireless connection to PC

- Easy-to-use software with clinically sound protocols

- Clear, informative reports

- Systems Approach to EMG ensures accurate and reproducible measurements

Muscles work in pairs. That’s why dual EMG has become a basic tool for many physical therapists. 

Dual EMG for Pelvic Floor Rehab (PFR)
Simultaneous monitoring of the activity of the pelvic floor and accessory muscles makes it easier for patients to learn to isolate muscles and develop better control. Internal electrode assemblies like the SenseRx Vaginal or Anal Sensors (far left) or the Eisman-Tries IVS-2 Intravaginal Sensor (right) are typically used for the pelvic floor, since they make the most direct measurements. Surface electrodes on the right side of the abdomen are typically used for the second site, in order to monitor inappropriate use of accessory muscles.

Dual EMG for Musculoskeletal Rehab
As a wireless (Bluetooth) instrument, the Aware EMG is well suited to musculoskeletal rehab, since it allows exercises to be performed with complete freedom of movement. The Aware EMG works on two levels to help rehab patients succeed. First, it provides them with real-time guidance during therapeutic exercises, giving them a better sense of their posture and movement patterns. Second, it keeps them motivated by providing tangible, incremental goals and proof of progress. These “hard numbers” can be particularly beneficial, since they demonstrate responses that may not be seen or felt otherwise.

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