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Thought Technology EMG & Home Biofeedback Systems | 360 Suite

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Exclusive DataLock Technology with Optimal Signal Quality

One of BioGraph’s key design principles has always been to put your data’s safety first. The system is crash proof and ensures optimal signal quality. Highly accurate sensors and low noise cables ensures quality signals so you can focus on your work. Electrode impedance and arti­fact rejection are essential to clinical work. If you cannot rely on quality sensor data, you cannot ensure valid statistical analysis or demonstrate positive clinical outcomes. BioGraph Infiniti v6.0 runs on the most versatile and reli­able equipment on the market.

Accurate Data & Powerful Reporting

As a clinical software platform, BioGraph Infiniti analyses your data accurately and generates easy to understand reports that make your client’s clinical progress evident. New features such as:

  • Redesigned artifact rejection method to facilitates analysis Session Segmentation to improve open session processing.

  • New tools and functions to help users perform basic tasks such as 

  • exporting data from multiple sessions.

New Look & Feel

Binaural BeatVersion 6.0’s many enhancements will please many current and new users. BioGraph’s menus were reorganized to group functionality in logical sets. Many dialog boxes were simplified and the flow of a number of functional sequences (start session, review sessions, export data, etc) were streamlined to minimize mouse clicks and facilitate user decisions. A number of automatic default settings were implemented such as: Notch filter frequency, default temperature units and page size format. New easy screen resize function fits all monitors and is saved for the next session.



Intuitive Interface

Version after version, in response to your feedback, we’ve made our system easier to use in order to help you work more efficiently. BioGraph 6.0’s preferences dialog box centralises commonly used settings and allows you to tailor the system to your own needs. The Quick Start feature allows you to run pre-defined favorite sessions with a minimum of clicks. You can create your own Favorites or use those that are included as part of the Thought Technology Suites, such as the EEG or Physiology Suites.

Blood Pressure

Binaural BeatBioGraph can now monitor your client’s Blood Pressure before, during and after training by communicating with the AND PC Blood Pressure monitoring unit (model UA767PC). Blood pressure readings can be triggered manually, by pressing a key on the keyboard or automatically when recording a script session. For each reading, BioGraph stores the systolic and diastolic measures, as well as the time of the measure and the heart rate as calculated by the device.



Exclusive EEG-Driven Binaural Beat Entrainment

Binaural BeatThe new Binaural Beat Pacer Instrument allows you to program audio entrainment sessions which are responsive to your client’s ability to learn. The pacer’s adaptive functionality monitors your client’s dominant EEG frequency while gently leading him towards the target frequency but adjusts its pacing rate according to your client’s response.



A Clinical System You Can Rely On!

Thought Technology takes software design seriously and strives to produce professional, clinically relevant products that can be used in small practices, research laboratories, hospitals and corporate settings alike, with full confidence.

Clinical Grade Multimedia Biofeedback

BioGraph Infiniti is designed specifically for clinical work. Governed by strict ISO medical device policies, our regulatory registrations across the world and the newly released IEEE Recommendations for Neurofeedback Systems, the Infiniti platform meets the highest standards in the field and beyond.

BioGraph Infiniti 6 Feature Set Suite

The BioGraph Infiniti 6 Feature Set Suite is designed to provide a set of simple bio and neurofeedback screens to clinicians who want to use their BioGraph Infiniti software system to its full capacity and with the widest range of physiological sensor possibilities, in one small toolbox.

The suite includes channel sets for ProComp Infiniti, ProComp 5 and ProComp 2 which combine standard biofeedback, EEG neurofeedback and passive infrared (pIR) sensors. For each encoder type, you will find a collection of essential screens, implementing the most current training protocols for HRV, classic relaxation and EEG brainwave training.

As with all Thought Technology’s specialized application suites, you are also getting the review screens you need to assess your client’s progress. Because it is released along with BioGraph version 6.0, the suite integrates a number of powerful new features which will allow you to offer your clients training capabilities that are unavailable anywhere else.



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