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BrainBuilder  Brain Builder

Exercise your brain
in just minutes a day!

For Children, Teens and Adults
Brain Training for up to 5 People

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"BrainBuilder® is a comprehensive brain training program designed to improve, sustain and protect healthy brain function for people of all ages. We rely on it exclusively at the Perlmutter Health Center.

"I am delighted to work with ABT Media. Their BrainBuilder technology is ground breaking. It is the best software program I have used for improving memory and maintaining brain health and function. I recommend it exclusively for my patients and family. Anyone concerned about their brain longevity and mental performance should make BrainBuilder training part of their daily routine."

David Perlmutter, M.D.
Board Certified Neurologist
Author - The Better Brain Book and
             Make Your Child Smarter by Kindergarten
"Thanks for creating BrainBuilder. In my research into enhancing peak performance of executives and sales people, your software has been invaluable in measuring progress, enhancing memory skills, improving executive functioning, and reducing reaction times. My research subjects progressed further and more quickly when they used BrainBuilder."

John F. Gilbert, Ph.D.
Certified Peak Performance Specialist, Diplomat
"We have been training memory skills for our students (children and adults) for the past thirty-three years. BrainBuilder is the first program we have found that provides the practice and intensity that makes a difference! We encourage our clients to purchase a copy for practice at home. This helps them increase their processing skills rapidly and improves their memory. The program is well-structured so that parents can help their children at home and adults can work on their own to increase memory skills. The results we are seeing are truly impressive! Thanks!"

Joan M. Smith, Ed.D.
Melvin-Smith Learning Center/EDU-Therapeutics
Licensed Educational Psychologist
Licensed Speech Pathologist

"BrainBuilder is a phenomenal product. My background in educational psychology has provided me with a keen understanding of the role of sequential processing in learning. My experience as a teacher at all levels from pre-school to graduate school has alerted me to the fact that solutions in the area of cognitive processing are well-needed. BrainBuilder provides necessary training in the areas of attention, concentration and the capacity of the working memory that I have never seen before in a computer application. Kudos for addressing an area of the human development that has been ignored for too long."

John K. Davis, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Education
California State University, Dominguez Hills

"All of the children that we evaluate for an individual educational plan are placed on BrainBuilder. That includes children that are just 'normal', children that are gifted, and children that have various types of processing problems. Some of these children's learning disabilities are very severe. Every one of the children that do the program as prescribed and are diligent about it make very significant progress. This is reflected in re-testing. The progress is shown in higher IQs, higher scores in spelling, and greater abilities to comprehend what they have read."

Paul Cates, Ph.D.
FCM-Faith Christian Ministries


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