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  New PLAY ATTENTION Edufeedback system - for Attention, Focus, Concentration, Active and Short Term Memory, Hyperactivity Reduction, Reading Comprehension - uses the same feedback science and technology perfected for NASA astronauts and US Air Force pilots.Time payment plan options available.
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Brainmaster EEG 2.0 Clinical Software Upgrade

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2003 release of the BrainMaster software with over 100 new enhancements. Includes two software programs in one, clinical software and new supervised remote training unlock feature.
  • Introducing the new session librarian
  • Autothresholding
  • New Built-in folders
  • Electrode ID’s in protocol
  • Simplified training screen
  • Improved filtering software
  • Peak-to-Peak and RMS scales
  • improved sound feedback modes
  • Support of the MINI-Q 12 channel headbox
  • New AUX input optionally available
  • New screens, games and more.

Designed for clinical professionl use. This unit is sold to, or by the order of, a clinician only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I want to purchase the AT1-2.0 Clinical package or upgrade to the 2.0 clinical software?
Improved control screens, new built-in folders, electrode ID’s in protocol, autothresholding, improved menus and training screen appearance, improved session control, separate settings template folders and training folders, improved graphic display screens for one and two channel training, Peak-to-Peak and RMS scales, improved filtering software and sound feedback modes, new reward sounds and improvements in BReview, to name just a few. 2.0 also introduces session librarian and clinical opportunity for supervised remote therapy training for home, school or executive clients. 2.0 insures client compliance, protocol efficacy and clinician peace of mind at affordable pricing!

Will the 2.0 Clinical (Professional) software work with my existing BrainMaster?
Possibly, however if the serial number of your BrainMaster module is under 1825 you will need to confirm with the office the need to send the module in for an update. Simply call the office and if an update is required you will be given an RGA number to place inside and outside of the box prior to sending to BrainMaster. There will be “no charge” for the 2.0 module update. Our intent is to ship your module back within one to five business days.

Will one 2.0 Clinical Pro software upgrade work on all my BrainMasters?
No, you will need to purchase a 2.0 Clinical (Pro) software package for each BrainMaster module you own and intend to use "clinically or professionally" in your practice. Each 2.0 Clinical software package is tied to one specific BrainMaster module and will not run on other modules.

What if I change computers or take my BrainMaster from one office to another? Will I need new software for each computer?
No. Each 2.0 Clinical Pro software package is tied to one specific BrainMaster module and is not tied to the computer. You may take your BrainMaster from computer to laptop, office to home without concern.

What is auto-thresholding and why is this offered in 2.0?
Automatic thresholding is a user programmable software feature that makes it unnecessary for the end user to continually monitor and adjust training thresholds. It provides ability for "hands-free" operation in which the 2.0 software adjusts training thresholds as needed throughout the session providing optimal training settings with minimal or no user intervention. This is a feature generally found in costly equipment and software.

How does auto-thresholding work in 2.0?
The clinician (user) presets targets for trainee training purposes. Targets are percentages of time over threshold. Example: Enhance (frequency training) is generally set between 50% - 80%; Inhibit between 20% - 50% and High Beta 10%. The trainee’s training goal is to train within the targets presented. Once set the software will automatically calculate new thresholds for the previous 15 seconds of training. Based on the clinician or users setting preferences thresholds are updated based on how the clinician decided to program the system.

Basically 2.0 offers three choices when to update thresholds: Before each trial run (in segments of one, two or more minutes) Once the initial baseline is complete. (Stretch of time monitoring prior to actual training session). Or when you hit the “Y” key on your computer manually. When choosing the manual update all of the auto thresholds are applied at once.

What is "remote therapy training"?
Remote therapy training is an opportunity for clinicians to continue a training regimen with specifically chosen clients while maintaining various levels of protocol and locking control without being "personally" present. 2.0 Clinical software offers clinician’s enabling capability for remote therapy training.

Is there separate software or an additional charge to the clinician to open the "remote therapy training" feature within the 2.0 Clinical Pro software?
No. 2.0 Clinical Pro is two software packages in one, thus it will not be necessary for clinicians to purchase the remote training feature separately. 2.0 Clinical Pro offers clinicians the opportunity to enable and create client folders. A Clinician can now indirectly supervise home, school or executive trainees via the internet, with a take home disc, email or mail without daily or weekly office visits.

Why would I want to consider "remote training" or "remote therapy" for my neurofeedback clients?
The reality today is that not all neurofeedback clients are able or may choose to continue coming into the clinician’s practice for training sessions. Distance, financial challenges, time restraints, convenience and scheduling are but a few common reasons for noncompliance . Remote therapy training can become a win-win proposition for clinician and client as well as an add-on profit center to a clinician’s present practice.

How does the remote training aspect of 2.0 software actually work?
2.0 Clinical Pro software offers a built in "remote therapy training" feature which offers the clinician an optional clinical direction. 2.0 delivers clinicians the availability to create specialized protocol folders for each remote trainee. There is not a separate activation fee attached to initialize the remote training aspect of the 2.0 Clinical Pro software. However, should the clinician decide to remote train a client it will be necessary to purchase time packages or an unlimited/restricted enabling key for client use. The client can only train within the personally designed folder created and enabled by the clinician. These folders may be presented by floppy disc, CD, or emailed to the client.

After each session the client in turn can send to the clinician (via email, floppy disc, or CD) the raw EEG and session summary files with the press of a button. It’s easy, convenient and gives the clinician immediate access to client results allowing for changes on the spot by emailing back to the client updated protocol changes or information via email! This direct supervision will most likely improve and insure client compliance. Clinicians can be assured of "untainted training" as clients will be motivated to follow clinician orders and not experiment with protocols on their own!

Could the client own a BrainMaster and purchase "enabling time packages" for remote training purposes?
Yes. Many clients have been directed towards ownership of BrainMaster equipment by their clinician. Many also rent or lease equipment from their clinician. Clients would need to purchase time from their clinician to open and activate the remote therapy training feature in 2.0 Basic. The remote "clinically supervised" training feature is a separate feature available in the 2.0 Basic software package. Trainees have various unlock choices available to them with 2.0 Basic.

I presently own several BrainMaster modules, but intend to use one or two in my office as clinical systems. What must I do with the remaining systems if I intend to rent them for remote therapy training purposes to my clients?
Most of your present 2-E modules will need to be made 2.0 ready by the manufacturer. Clinicians will need to send in the modules which need updating regardless of use within the practice. However, you will only be required to purchase 2.0 Clinical Pro software for the modules you plan on using professionally within your practice. Clinicians owning several modules are advised to return them intermittently. If another upgrade is desired (i.e.: AUX/HEG or SuperInput Amp) this might be an efficient time to upgrade. Obtain an RGA number from the manufacturer prior to shipping.

What will I need to do to enable the modules I presently own to work with the 2.0 Clinical Pro software for remote therapy training purposes?
You will have, optionally available, "unlock" and "enabling" choices with the 2.0 Clinical Pro software for remote therapy training purposes. One choice will be to activate each remote training module by purchasing "time packages" and doling minutes (in 100 increments) to clients accordingly. This cost effective approach offers clients the ability to "pay as they go".

Utilizing "time packages" works best when renting directly to clients with shorter term neurofeedback needs. Utilizing time packages may be the most cost effective approach for remote trainees as well as the most cash sensitive approach for clinicians offering this service. Time packages also offer the clinician the most comprehensive control.

I have older software and equipment. Couldn’t I simply send my client home with my existing system?
Yes, a qualified clinician retains the right to choose various remote training possibilities for their clients. However, the 2.0 software offers clinicians locking and control advantages which protect the clinician while assuring client compliance. Depending upon the clinician’s intent of use and clients’ need, various levels of professional control are available with 2.0. Professional liability and responsibility is insured, protocol compliance as well as training efficacy is available with BrainMasters’ 2.0 Pro software package. Responsible clinicians demand responsible software in today’s medical arena.

How do I begin a remote therapy training extension program in my practice?
Simply determine when clients are ready for remote training; make available to clients BrainMaster devices, unlock time keys and design the client internal action plan and protocol folders for remote use. Monitoring each completed client session or a series of sessions by reviewing incoming email files keeps you abreast of progress. Make changes as required via email or request the client to return to the office. Remote training is that easy.


Brainmaster 2 Channel Computerized Neurofeedback System

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New PLAY ATTENTION Edufeedback system - for Attention, Focus, Concentration, Active and Short Term Memory, Hyperactivity Reduction, Reading Comprehension - uses the same feedback science and technology perfected for NASA astronauts and US Air Force pilots. Time payment plan options available.
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