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BrainWare Safari -- 3 Users

Join the BrainWare Safari!

BrainWare Safari is designed so that each user has his or her own account.  This individualizes the program to maintain an appropriate level of challenge.

If you wish to order BrainWare Safari for more than 3 users, please call Customer Service at 877-BRAIN-10 (877-272-4610) for more information and to place your order.

Retail Price $570.00

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BrainWare Safari is a fun and challenging online software program that develops the cognitive skills that enable children ages 6 to 12 to be the best learners they can be.  Children enjoy the multimedia video game format, while they build their self-confidence and strengthen the skills that are the foundation for academic and life success.

This breakthrough program is science-based and was developed using methodologies that were previously only available in clinics at a much greater cost.  BrainWare Safari is not curriculum-specific, but rather builds the basic mental capacity need to improve a child's comprehension, learning rate, and retention levels.

BrainWare Safari for a single user offers ...

- An entertaining multimedia video game format with 168 progressively challenging levels across an array of jungle-themed exercises.  When you order, you will receive a username and password for each player.

- A detailed user guide, called the BrainWare Safari Travel Guide, which explains the exercises, and the skills developed in each exercise, along with helpful tips for users and parents. 

- The BrainWare Safari Behavioral Rating Scale for each user.  The rating scale enables parents, teachers or other coaches to evaluate attributes related to cognitive development, before and after using BrainWare Safari.

- The BrainWare Safari Journal -- a copy for each user.  This colorful journal will make it a pleasure to track your safari progress and the improvement in your cognitive skills..   

- Money back guarantee of satisfaction within 30 days of purchase.

BrainWare Safari System Requirements
PC: Windows® 98 or higher
Pentium III or higher
600 MHz or faster
MAC: OSX required
600 MHz G3 or faster
All: 200 MB available hard disk space
Internet connection
Computer speakers



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