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Foundation for Accelerated LearningFoundation for Accelerated Learning

The transfer of cognitive skills improvement into learning performance typically begins gradually and the impact accelerates over an individual’s lifetime. This slow initial transition occurs because knowledge acquisition depends both on the cognitive skills that allow an individual to take in, process, understand, and apply information, and having a sufficient store of previously acquired knowledge upon which to build new learning. Many individuals with previously deficient cognitive skills have a weak fund of knowledge as a result of their cognitive weaknesses. Here’s an example:

Consider the case of a 10-year-old boy who tests at an average intellectual age of 8 before starting BrainWare Safari. After using BrainWare Safari for 11 weeks, the 10-year-old tests at an average intellectual age of 12, a 4-year improvement. This does not mean that this child will immediately begin to handle academic tasks appropriate for 12-year-olds. However, the 4-year improvement in cognitive skills does mean that he is equipped with a better learning system, with which he will start to acquire knowledge at a faster pace. This increasing pace of knowledge acquisition will more quickly build the store of knowledge his learning system uses as fuel for further learning.

The impact of improving an individual’s cognitive skills can be likened to widening a two-lane road to a four-lane superhighway. As more information is processed at a higher rate of speed, progress is dramatically improved, the same way that traffic along a superhighway moves faster than a two-lane road.

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