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Success Stories

"BrainWare Safari is a learning game that provides a well-designed series of fun mental challenges that, uniquely, are modeled on the specific intellectual tasks measured by IQ tests.  In a world of hype regarding glearning games and brain development software, BrainWare Safari is the software product most likely to result in significant real gains in IQ scores, when used as recommended and complemented by a healthy physical, emotional, and social environment.  Learning software has finally become worth buying."

—Michael Strong
Author of The Habit of Thought

"I have been in education for over 30 years and I have seen many 'state-of-the-art' educational programs that promise to show huge gains only to be proven to be 'acutal results may vary.'  BrainWare Safari is in a class by itself.  I cannot speak to the masses.  However, from my personal experience, this is the the software of the future.  My 12-year-old son has been using BrainWare for about 1.5 months and I have actually seen improvements in his reading retention and comprehension.  Although he has only been on the program for a short while, I have noticed his approach to learning has improved dramatically.  Mike is a very good athlete, basketball being his best sport.  We have even noticed a change in his decision-making on the court as a point guard.  BrainWare has changed the way Mike approches different situations.  Mike also demonstrates a greater degree of confidence while his communication skills also show improvement.  Overall, we are very impressed by the changes we have seen in our son.  Please continue to promote this wonder (BrainWare) -- it is truly the next step in the evolution of education."

—Dr. Michael D. Brown
Board of Commissioners, Indianapolis Public Schools

"Parents are always asking what they can do at home and BrainWare Safari is something fun they can do to help their children develop cognitive skills.  We train them on the program, assign BrainWare 'homework,' and do follow-up at The Center.  Through our cognitive training exercises, we can see when the children using BrainWare Safari reach a turning point, most often in their reading ability.  It's an effective product that we know ensures results."

—Amy Weinberger
Founder and CEO, The Thinking Center, The GAP School

"The first time Brendan started to use BrainWare Safari, he became so thoroughly engaged with the activities that he did not want to stop.  He actually set his alarm clock for an hour earlier the next morning so he could do more of the BrainWare activities before leaving for school.  When his parents went to thier parent-teacher conference recently, after he had been using the program for several weeks, his teacher was very impressed.  She observed that he is more focused in school and more confident in his ability to independetnly complete his classroom and homework assignments."

—Donna C.
Grandmother of Brendan (age 12)

"When I heard about BrainWare, I immediately thought of my grandson, Gregory, who has Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).  BrainWare is helpoing Greg learn strategy, which is good.  If he can't do an exercise becuse he has a problem with his ADD, he develops a strategy so that he can find a way to do it. He learns how to use his brain in different ways to help himn with his speed.  We're seeing benefits out of this thing that we never thought we woud get which are helping us combat his deficiency."

—Paul A.
Grandfather of Gregory (age 11)

"At the end of first grade, my son's teacher noted that though he did exceptionally well academically, he did have two major gaps -- his ability to focus and his abstract thinking skills.  Shortly thereafter, I heard about BrainWare Safari and my wife and I decided to give it a try.  At first, the product frustrated my son, especially the Rhythm Ribbet exercise. So my wife workd with him, starting with listening to the beat without trying to replicate it.  A few minutes later, he ran into the kitchen screaming, 'I did it!  I did it!'  About two days later, I saw something amazing.  My son was working on BrainWareSafari and he would visibly focus.  He would lean forward in the chair and his entire expression would change.  We had never seen this before from him.  He quickly transferred this skill to other things -- homework, games, puzzles.  We thank you for an amazing product."

—Matt H.
Father of a 7-Year-Old with Autism

"BrainWare is a miracle.  I would have paid anything for it, now that I have seen what it can do to help my son grow his brain right before my eyes.  I am confident that it will transform his academic failure into brilliant success."

—Chana F.

"During the 2005-2006 school year, we allowed students with records of poor discipline and misbehavior from our Indianapolis Public Schools' Boys Academy to work with BrainWare Safari.  According to the teachers, the rsults were simply amazing.  BrainWare Safari has had a tremendously positive impact on our boys and enabled them to demonstrate high measurable achievement through enhanced cognitive skills, visual awareness, auditory skills, thinking skills, and memory enhancement.  I urge you to give this software your hightest consideration."

—Eugene G. White, Ed.D.
Superitendent, Indianpolis Public Schools

"I am pleased to share this letter of support of BrainWare Safari software.  Edgar Evans School posted fantastic gains in student achievement after just one year using this software.  The key to BrainWare's success is in its ability to strengthen children's cognitive skills: visual processing, auditory skills, logic and memory.  I would recommend BrainWare Safari to my colleagues without heistation.  I hope to be able to provide this invaluable software to many more generations of children who attend my school."

—Stan Law, Principal, Julian D. Coleman Academy for Boys
Former Principal, Edgar Evans School

"I love BrainWare Safari and so do the students.  The program is indeed a great way for the students to learn while having fun.  Many of them have shown more willingness to work independently.  The program definitely has boosted their self-esteem as they have graduated many levels.  It is rewarding to watch them problem solve and reach success."

—Natalie Cordell
Teacher, James A. Garfield School

"I have been a teacher for fourteen years.  It is sad, as an educator, to see many students who come into my class lacking the confidence they feel they don't have to be successful in school.  I feel that it just takes that special teachable moment to reassure them that success is posible.  It is imperative that students are given the opportunities to excel.  They must then take advantage of the chances they are given.  BrainWare Safari was that opportunity and the students definitely took advantage.  I could see changes in their ability to think logically and to solve problems.  The students looked forward to practicing the skills on BrainWare Safari at their schedule times.  While they were working on the particular skill or skills, they just wanted to keep going!  I am excited at the thought that all children in the Indianpolis Public School system could be using BrainWare Safari.  They would all benefit so much from it."

—Michelle Fisher-Jones
Teacher, Charity Dye Elementary School

"It's been a phenomenal experience to watch both children go through the BrainWare program, especially Brianna.  Brianna was having some challenges in school, and after she completed BrainWare, she made the honor roll, which has been exciting and a very proud moment for me as a father."

—Patrick T.
Father of Brianna (age 8) and Angela (age 10)

"Before, Philip would come home and want to do other things because homework was too hard or it would take too long.  Now, since using BrainWare Safari, he comes home and does it.  And the best part is his grades have improved! "

—Mary H.
Mother of Philip (age 10)

"We've definitely seen some improvement with our children.  Parents will do pretty much anything to help their kids and equip them for life later on.  This is definitely a tool to do that."

—John Y.
Father of Kendall (age 11) and Clay (age 8)

"I think that all kids have strengths and weaknesses and  they feel much better about their weaknesses when they know their strengths.  And BrainWare did that for Matt.  I had a hard time believing the results because he showed such a huge amount of improvement.  I took him to a psychologist for 6 hours of testing.  The results were all validated.  I was just the happiest Mom in town."

—Barb M.
Mother of Matt (age 9)

"BrainWare Safari is like calisthenics for the brain.  The exercises "tone" mental faculties just like physical exercise helps tone muscles.  The brain like a muscle responds to graduated exercises that are designed to stretch but not overwhelm it.  While muscles gain in strength, agility, and endurance as they are conditioned, methodical use of brain-toning activities leads to stronger concentration, faster thinking speed, keener reasoning, and greater mental stamina.  BrainWare Safari is toning for the intelligent brain."

—Jean-Claude Dutes, Ph.D.
Michigan State University

"When I started using BrainWare Safari, I was a laborer with a mid-size construction company.  After using BrainWare Safari for a period of time, I had the opportunity to interview with the largest construction company in the state.  I took an aptitude test to see what position I was best suited for.  I was amazed how similar the test was to the exercises in BrainWare Safari. I received one of the highest test scores ever given at the testing site, and was offered a position as a field engineer.  In this role, I operate sophisticated instrumentation and deal with complex structural drawings.  I have often felt that BrainWare has given me the tools needed to begin the learning process through such difficult subject matter.  To me, BrainWare breaks down the basic building blocks of thinking and learning.  It is a fundamental approach to being sharper both in the classroom and in real life."

—Sam K. (age 30)
Adult User of BrainWare Safari

"Information is growing at a pace never before seen in the history of the world.  Today, we have billions of times more information than we had half a century ago.  The challenge of dealing with all that information is enormous.  It is more and more difficult to find people who can do the jobs that need to be done today.  Our children and grandchildren are growing up into this world.  They're going to have to deal with problems we haven't thought about.  BrainWare Safari is one of the tools that can make that experience delightful instead of frightening and threatening."

—Peter Kline
Educator and Author of The Everyday Genius, and Why America’s Children Can’t Think

"I'm happy with BrainWare.  I've seen some definite improvement, I think in his temperament more than anything.  His attention is better, and his memory, but what I really notice is that I don't have to repeat myself 20 times to get him to do something."

—Julie B.
Mother of Nicholas (age 9)

"BrainWare Safari is not reading or math.  Rather it teaches the skills necessary to learn.  My daughter, who spent 4 1/2 years in an institution in Russia, has completed 73 levels so far and is thrilled.  She has even completed some areas with memory and sequencing, areas she was very weak in and thought she could not do.  I see my daughter making gains on this versus other computer games she plays.  This is unique!"

—Lisa E.
Mother of Kristi (age 8)

"BrainWare is a vital addition to the tool chest of the home schooler who wants to excel… it increases the potential of every child, whether learning disabled, typically developing, or gifted. Every home schooler should have a copy."

—Mary H.
Homeschooling Parent, Minnesota

"Today kids don't get enough challenges in school.  BrainWare provides a game-type environment, but with challenges to improve their concentration, logic and thinking, step-by-step.  I didn't need to push Joy to do BrainWare Safari.  Children beg to play it.  They don't realize they're learning new things, improving their skills; they just enjoy it.  Parents love to have software at home which benefits the kids but also which kids enjoy."

—Helen L.
Mother of Joy (age 7)

"I have been using BrainWare Safari in my clinic for a year.  After children use BrainWare Safari for 8 weeks, I can show that they have gained many standard scores.  With BrainWare Safari, children increase their attention and memory skills.  And their brains are able to read faster, remember more, and reason more.  I was amazed when I started to use this program in my clinic.  Patients come in and say, 'Let's do BrainWare!'  BrainWare Safari is truly unique."

—Patricia Chunn, M.S., C.C.C.
Professional Communication Care

"The program seems to address the problem instead of just putting a Band-Aid on it."

—Ana R.
Mother of Renee and Ronnie (age 9) and Michael (age 10)

"My son's learning habits changed.  He is more aware of his responsibilities and can focus for a longer time."

—Wei L.
Mother of Eric (age 6)

"I noticed a change in Katelyn's willingness to work independently.  She seems a lot more willing to take on a task and work through it on her own.  It also seems like her reading comprehension and engagement in reading has improved."

—Fred K.
Father of Katelyn (age 7)

"BrainWare is more intensive and strategic in terms of building connections in the brain.  It's wonderful.  Other games don't have the depth of research behind them."

—Sue D.
Mother of Michael (age 12)

"BrainWare is a comprehensive learning enhancement program for developing, enhancing, and maintaining the fitness of the brain.  BrainWare has built-in integrative and accelerative tools that develop vital cognitive functions.  All of these skills are scientifically and clinically proven to be critical for academic achievement and professional performance, while improving self-esteem and behavior for all learners."

—Christopher Scott Chalker, Ed.D.
Warren Township Indiana School District, Office of Alternative Education

"BrainWare works on skills that can benefit children for their lifetime.  Other skills they may forget, but this is different.  It's like Chinese traditional medicine; it cures your disease at the root."

—Puling Z.
Mother of Rachael (age 7)

"I want my name on the list for the adult version!  I actually looked forward to trying some of the practice mode because I could feel different parts of my brain working."

—Mary L.
Mother of Julie (age 11)

"You don't always know how to address the issue when your child has a problem.  The good thing about BrainWare is that I can see my child struggling and I know the program is designed to do something specifically to help the problem, even when I don't know how."

—Sharon C.
Mother of Rachel (age 8)

"It's an alternative to taking your child to a professional. It's like the difference between taking your child to a music lesson and sitting and waiting, or having the music teacher come to your house ... It's like you can manage it, and you can give that gift to your child."

—Cheryl M.
Mother of Drew (age 10)

"It was good quality time together."

—Brad E.
Father of Zach (age 6)

"When I saw the BrainWare program, I liked that it repeated a lot of activities and that they were making connections in the brain.  I studied these strategies for my pre-school classes and junior high education, and learned that repetition makes brain connections.  From a parent and a teacher's standpoint, I was just thrilled with this program."

—Kathy S.
Mother of Michael (age 8)

"BrainWare built Drew's confidence to know that he could go further even when it was hard.  It was interesting too.  He liked the way the characters grew up.  I think it translates to the kids and they feel they're growing."

—Carolyn D.
Mother of Drew (age 11)

"Jeffrey is more patient.  It's not easy for him to concentrate, but he gets frustrated less quickly."

—Laura G.
Mother of Jeffrey (age 7)

"BrainWare Safari is revolutionary - for the first time, the kinds of exercises I have used one-on-one with patients have been incorporated into a fun and entertaining video game format."

—Gary Vogel, O.D., FAAO
Practicing Optometrist, St. Louis

"Jonathan actually requests to play the games and spend time on the program because BrainWare is fun for him.  As a result of using the program, I have observed an increase in his confidence in starting new and difficult tasks, and improved attention span, and an improved desire to cooperate in completing his school work."

—Jenny M.
Homeschooling Parent, Indianapolis

"As a clinician and a parent, I have never seen a program that offers the intensity and diversity in the different activities that BrainWare Safari offers.  For the price, for the time involved, for the motivation of the child, there's nothing out there that even comes close.  It should be a staple in every household."

—Teresa Rosen
Clinician and Parent

"Before BrainWare Safari, Adam used to drift away a lot and get distracted when he was doing challenging problems especially in math.  Now he's more focused.  We're really pleased with that.  It's a wonderful program.  Adam has two younger borthers who watched him do the program;  both want to get into it very quickly."

—Harlan K.
Father of Adam (age 12)

"One thing I'm very impressed with is it's not just the same old approach to learning that we've been using for years -- teaching our children in the same way we learned.  It was the answer I was looking for, to help Zoie move into the next generation of learning.  I'd be willing to pay whatever price for this software becuase I thought BrainWare was really good.  I can't wait until we start using it with Drew, our 5-year old."

—Michael H.
Father of Zoie (age 7)

"BrainWare Safari is like exercise for the brain.  Our brains are constantly changing and developing;  the more we exercise them, the faster we learn, and the better we process the information we receive.  BrainWare Safari encompasses a broad array of 41 cognitive skills.  Working on those skills can help kids perform better, do tasks more efficiently, remember what they've been studying in school better, and be able to stay on task longer.  The skills children learn in BrainWare they will apply every day of their lives."

—Russell Osnes, O.D.
Practicing Optometrist, Minneapolis/St. Paul

"BrainWare Safari has helped Zoie think outside of the box, learning to solve problems, not just in one set way, but incorporating different, more creative and visual functions.  It also promotes parent-child bonding.  It's not just a babysitter than you sit your child down in fornt of.  You see the positive emotional changes.  I loved to see the big smile as she passed levels.  That excitement is not something I've seen with other computer products."

—Veranda W.
Mother of Zoie (age 7)

"I noticed a difference in his schooling.  When I went in to see his teacher, she told me how well he was maturing, how well he'd done in his classes, and how easy it was for him to make progress.  She now had to keep up with him in his schoolwork!  Before he was slower and afraid to make decisions.  Now he makes decisions for both of us.  He likes it; I love it!"

—Debra W.
Mother of Demar (age 10)

"I spent the better part of my years in grammar school in "LD" classes, where I wasn't challenged.  Thus I suffered when I made the transition from "LD" to "Mainstream" classes.  My performance was average at best, but as I worked my way through the transition I was able to teach myself the necessary skills to be as successful as my peers.  I did the same in all of the subsequent transitions to junior high, high school, college, and graduate school  After having worked through BrainWare, I can attest to its usability as well as playability.  Had I been given such a tool in my early stages of learning, I believe that my time in school would have been less difficult.  I would recommend this product to anyone who has children currently in or soon to be starting school.  It will give their children an excellent head start with respect to the skills they will need to do well, and they will have fun doing it along the way."

—Joshua Woodward, MSW
Chicago, IL

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