My name is Bozena S. and I have been using the EASe CD's in my work after having been trained with Sheila Frick and Ingo Steinbeck in Auditory Intervention Therapy a few years ago. For over 20 years I have been observing and working with brain-injured children. I presently travel to numerous countries around the world lecturing to students at Universities and parents who work with their children.

The EASe CD's have become and important tool in my work and have proven over and over their value in the healing process in the children I work with. I am forever indebted to Joanne and Bill Mueller to make these CD accessible to public use.

The use of EASe CD's make very visible changes in the children I work with. Whether the child has a diagnosis of ADD, ADHD, Asperser, Autism, Cerebral Palsy or other developmental delays make no difference. Most of the labels listed above and many others placed on our children carry with them a problem of hyper-sensitivity to sound, hypo-reception to sound or sensory integrative problems. Before I proceed to any other AIT I first apply the EASe CD's, which have proven over and over again to be the best foundation for starting other AIT therapies. The wide spectrum of coverage that they offer always makes a change in auditory functioning of the child as well as behavior and intellectual function. Below is a list of some of the changes that have been observed by parents and myself:

Reduced hypersensitivity to sound.
Increased sensitivity to sounds child was previously ambivalent to.
Improvement in speech.
Better awareness of the environment around the child.
Changes in sleep cycle.
Improved concentration.
Improved writing.
Imporved behavior.
Better overall performance in school.
Case history: - Igor W. -
diagnosis - "autistic spectrum" -
functional analysis - hypersensitivity to sound with periods of hypo states to sound.

Igor was 3.5 years old when we began the EASe CD's. He would not react to voice sound. All day long he was preoccupied with making sounds by throwing objects and covering his ears with both hands before the object landed. He had no speech. Igor was evaluated. An individual Neuro-Re-Education Program was designed for him. He did many activities to help his neurological organization. EASe CD's were introduced a few months later, which made the changes in his function be distinguishable between the other elements of the program and the use or EASe CD's. Igor began to use sound with a meaning and has since developed it into understandable speech. Speaks in first person and his speech is intelligible to all those who know him. The teachers in school are amazed at the change. Igor can now accompany his mother to supermarkets which was an impossibility in the past as well as other auditory challenging social situations. I strongly suggest that any parent or therapist consider the EASe CD's as a treatment modality for a child with any developmental problems.

Bozena S.