Hi Bill,

You and I talked at length some time ago about your AIT CD. If you recall, I was the person who started the AIT CD thread on this list after I saw a little piece on it in the ADVOCATE magazine.

I haven't been able to try the CD on my 4 year old with HFA because she's starting a combination of two drugs and I didn't want to start several things at once without a clue as to what was causing what
symptom or benefit. You can understand. I hope to start her up after the 4th when school is out.

I will tell you I have lent the CD to my father, who is recovering from metastatic lung cancer. Two years ago, the cancer spread to a single metastasis to the brain. He had further radiation and underwent photon
beam surgery (knifeless approach). He's also had two brain biopsies since, though thankfully has been declared cancer-free to this point. The symptoms have been terrible though, such a high price to pay for a
recovery of sorts. One thing that really bothers him is an inability to filter out noises. He literally can't read two rooms away when people are talking or watching TV in the house. He has to wear ear plugs to
relax from a dog barking two houses away. I brought up the CD you produced, and he's using it twice daily for 30 minutes. After two sessions, my Mom found him asleep in the hammock outside with a dog
barking away. We thought this was pretty interesting. I don't know what effects it will have for him, but he's giving it a try. With so little available to him, I think this might give him a small sense of "control" over the situation-- that this might be something to fix his noise problem.

I'll update on both of them as I get information.