Dear Listmates,

We have been using the CD with our son. He is very manic and never stops moving. We did not try to prepare him for wearing the headphones. We just plopped him down one day to give it a try. It was amazing. He sat still for the entire half hour. The CD makes him yawn and usually puts him to sleep. If he is upset during the day and I can't figure out why, I play the CD over the speakers and this seams to
calm and relax him.

I can't say that I have seen any improvement in vocalizations from this (he is nonverbal) but just to be able to calm him is a miracle. Thought you all might
be interested. Lisa

Dear Listmates,

I wrote about this once before but the help that this CD has given us is amazing.

My son is very hyper and is often upset and it is hard to help calm him. I can even play this CD over our speakers into the room and his head snaps to the direction of the speakers, his crying stops and he calms down. I should note that he never exhibited any noticable hearing sensitivities.

Bill, are you cutting another CD? Count me in.