Bill, just had to follow through and let you know "what a difference 10 days make". I am astounded at my son since the start of his CD experience. Tonight, he called me a stinker with a huge grin on his face. We were actually able to jokingly banter back and forth in a simple manner and he topped me with the "stinker" label. Something I call him at times. I had borrowed this CD from a friend but will order my own. What is the usual schedule? We did 30 minutes twice a day for 10 days. How long till I can do it again? I kept it a secret from his therapists and my outside family and they just kept commenting on how "connected" he seemed to be. As well as more verbal with better clarity of speech. I'm definitely sold! Thanks for your help.


William Mueller wrote:

Dear Mary:
Even though you forwarded your question to Z.L. I thought I should answer a question about EASe. First, we are always thrilled to hear about remarkable results with EASe. Second, an ear infection can cause pressure buildup in the inner ear and so create resistance to normal function of the ear drum. The transient signal of EASe and AIT pushes with force on the eardrum. If the ear canal is blocked, pain can result. If your child is not uncomfortable then his canal seems to be clear. In any case, it is better to error on the side of caution and refrain while the infection is active. If you are borrowing the disc and are in fear of losing you place in line, send me your address and we will provide you with another when your son's ears are healed. If you own your disc, let it rest a couple of weeks and you will get even better results.

Bill Mueller

Bill, I didn't mean to step on toes here, I didn't have your address and didn't know which list you are on. I just responded to the other post because it was easier. I have borrowed this CD from a friend and I know that
she needs it back soon. I am planning on purchasing my own since I now know it will work for my son. I just hate to stop with the good results I am seeing. One of his tubes is out and the surgeon plans to replace it
since he continues to have infections. We may have ear tubes for some time to come. As long as he is not experiencing pain or discomfort(which is pretty obvious since he dances along with the "music")can I continue? I am on day 4 with extraordinary results. One therapist has been gone for 10 days on vacation and returned today. She didn't know I had started this. Within 20 minutes of the session, she was back in the
house so excited she could barely talk. My son is talking with complete sentences and using words not learned in sessions. He seems happier and so much more connected with the world around him. The only different thing I've noticed on the negative side is that he seems leery of our dog and cat where he wasn't before. Can't figure that one out. Sorry for the long post but I haven't been this excited about my son in a long
time. Please tell me it is ok to continue.