(Amy & Mike)

Dear Bill,

Schedule we used the EASe 1: We got the disc as soon as it was available but had difficulty getting Jacob to listen to it with headphones in his home setting. He underwent AIT in a pleasant clinic setting in DEC of 95 but that is different from getting him to comply at home. Plus we have two other little boys that need our attention. We had set the disc aside until we read a posting on the ME list that indicated a family had had success with having their child listen at night after he had gone to sleep. This is what we have been doing for two weeks. For the first 10 days we had him listen for an hour after he was asleep. Now for four days we have reduced it to one half hour. We are continuing with this schedule.

We are doing several interventions with him so it is difficult to determine cause and effect. But he is more affectionate lately--hugging tighter, was kissing his little brother and taking his hand and holding it in the car just yesterday. Also, he is starting to more regularly put together two word phrases--come back, get out, stop it, sit down. He is singing songs more but had just started singing a little prior to EASe. He seems to have a lot of central auditory processing issues but doesn't really have enough language to be evaluated for this. One of his few stims has been to bang his head into a pillow or bed--I have noticed that this seems to have stopped over the past few days or is at least greatly reduced. It is a behavior I would witness a few times a day and I don't recall seeing it for a few days.

Please let me know if you have any comments. We are not looking for miracles but feel that every little bit helps. We would like to continue using the disc until 2 becomes available and would like to just charge 2 to our visa. I hope that 8 weeks isn't too long for him to continue listening to 1. We are using high quality headphones and setting the player to random.

Amy N. Mike R.