Dear Bill,

I think it is helpful to have the background on my child before I encourage you. J  My daughter is 3 ½.  She started showing signs of sensory defensiveness at the age of 2.  She has been to many specialists and children’s clinics but does not have a diagnosis.  She has been doing physical and occupational therapy since 1 ½ years and started speech therapy at 3 years.  Her MAJOR struggle is with auditory defensiveness.  She cries and screams and panics anytime a child (especially a baby) cries.  It could be next to her or on the other side of the grocery store.  Her previous struggles that each took about 3 months to get over have been the turn signal in the car, music at stores, the vacuum, the blender and so on.  The children’s cries, however, she has not been able to integrate for at least 2 years.  I believe that the concentration that it takes to always be on guard for offensive sounds has been a major contributor to her delay in motor skills and speech patterns.

A month ago we started the EASe CDs.  She immediately liked them to my surprise.  Her breathing got very deep and relaxed and we did stickers together.  Previous to this, my daughter was spending most of the day with serious behavior problems, not wanting to go to bed, not sleeping at night and generally being terrified of her baby brother (age 1).  After two weeks she got sick with the flu and an ear infection so we stopped the CDs for a week of recovery.

When we started the CDs again (it’s been 10 days now since the restart) a new child began emerging.   Her whole persona has brightened.  The serious behavior problems are under control.  No more screaming and shaking the moment a baby cries.  She still is frightened and needs to be encouraged, but her response is controlled and it takes much more crying to really frustrate her to the point that she falls apart.  Her personality has taken a 180 degree turn to happy and content which is the best benefit so far.  Another unexpected benefit is that her speech has improved.  She has always had a good vocabulary but has not always used it effectively or logically.  Now she is putting words and ideas together and interacting much more age appropriately.  Her eye contact has improved to the point where you would hardly know there had been in issue, and she gives affection much more spontaneously.  Her preschool teachers have noticed improvements socially and verbally.

We are looking forward to what continues to emerge over the following months as we continue to use these CDs consistently as directed.  Who knows if this is a cure, but it is a welcome relief to our family.  We feel like we finally are getting our child and our lives back.