Dear Mr. Mueller,

I ordered your ease Cd about one month ago for my son Zachary. When I received it I was a little skeptical but willing to give it a try. Before we puchased this CD, getting Zachary to wear headphones was next to impossible but after the first day he easily sat through the sessions and asked to do so. For the first week or so the only difference we noticed was that the music had an extremely calming affect on Zach so we continued the sessions daily, after about 10 days we noticed he seemed to understand what we were saying better, was picking up and using more words making more eye contact. He doesn't hold his ears when I run the vacuum, mixer or blender anymore he still does when his one year old sister screams (but I feel like doing it then so I can't blame him). He recently started pre-school and the first day all the kids were screaming and crying for their moms when we went in and I thought Zach would just freak out and hate it, but the screaming didn't seem to bother him, he went right in and did fantastic. I even have proof that this has helped him, we got Zacharys diagnosis 2 months ago and he had a battery of test run, one of them was receptive language, Zacharys speech therapist started her annual testing last week and gave zach the exact same receptive language test, he has gained 7 months in his receptive language in the past 2 months, we are awaiting the other test results but I am sure they will show similar or better improvements. Now for my reason for writing, Zach loves the CD and we have finished our sessions 20 days 1/2 hour each day, would it hurt him to continue using it, he loves the CD and it still calms him down, he even sleeps better if he listens to it right before bedtime. He also specifically asks for the CD but I didn't know if using it longer would hurt him or not. Will he show signs of regression if we stop using it? If we are supposed to stop, how long should we wait before trying it again? I also heard that he is not supposed to listen to other music with headphones on because it would decrease the effect of this CD, is this true? I also heard that if he hears certain noises that it could erase the benefits, I hope this is not true, do the benefits seem to last? Thank you for giving us the opportunity to give our son something that we otherwise could not have afforded.

Tammy L.