Dear Bill,

Recently I purchased 2 Ease CDs and my son diagnosed with severe speech disorder had his first 10 days of 30 min. in the morning and 30 min.in the afternoon of auditory training. As well myself suffering from multiple middleear infections as a child feel to have problems with hearing when background noises are there. Anyway the results for my son and myself were amazing. The Kindergarten teacher who did not know that my son had auditory training told me that he is talking all the sudden so much more and is responding quicker than usually. Myself I feel like that a ` few doors ` have opened in my sons system and he is talking and responding so much more and much quicker as well and myself I have less trouble wiith background noise and it seems like I can filter the background away when somebody is talking to me.

We are very grateful for your help, thanks a lot!!!!!

Kind regards, Ulli