Dear Bill,

We are doing EASE this week. So far all is going well. The only thing that I had to do was use my AudioScion to help adjust the sound levels, because it was too arbitrary with just a CD player. What I did was also quite arbitrary as I just matched the intensity subjectively, since I don't have a sound level meter. Also I like to reduce the intensity of the left ear half way through the treatment. All in all, it is going well. Blake likes the music. It is a little more sedate than the CD's I have been using for traditional AIT. I will keep you posted as well as the listmates of the mailing list.


Hi Lisa,

Remember me from DAN? How are you doing?

I read your post about the EASE disks. I am also using the disk to see if it gives the same results as AIT, since AIT was banned in Florida. I had a very interesting result: Blake would sit so quitely during the time he listened to the disk that I began to do some work with him that he had previously not been focused enough to do. As a result, with some materials that I had designed, he is now recognizing written words! This calming time allowed me the ability to use the materials I had made to teach him. I decided to continue with the disk every day for a limited period of time and am getting wonderful results.

Keep in touch.