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EASe CD #4 Because every individual is different, and some may require a longer EASe program, it is important to provide enough EASe CDs, with enough variation to create an extended program long enough to help even the most involved person. Vision now provides ten EASe CD's, totalling ten hours of encoded/modulated music which together can provide 100 hours of listening therapy.

EASe CD#4 is designed to compliment EASe CD's #1, #2 and #3. TEASe CD #4 contains open ocean dolphin and whale songs, natural crickets and dynamically encoded music. Like EASe CD #3, EASe CD #4 is a more intense experience than EASe CDs #1 and #2, so we recommend it be used in order in the same manner as EASe CD #3.

  • EASe Disc 4: contains music that is similar to the music of EASe 3. There are a variety of nature sounds present on this CD, again expanding the spatial qualities of the CD.
  • EASe 4 might be an appropriate starting place for the child who is not focused or connected outwardly and who has poor spatial awareness. Use of EASe 4 is an appropriate beginning program for the individual with poor spatial organization

From "Listening With the Whole Body", Sheila M Frick OTR with Colleen Hacker, MS, OTR

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