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EASe CD #9 Because every individual is different, and some may require a longer EASe program, it is important to provide enough EASe CDs, with enough variation to create an extended program long enough to help even the most involved person. Vision now provides ten EASe CD's, totalling ten hours of encoded/modulated music which together can provide 100 hours of listening therapy.

EASe CD #9 was created to provide a child with a wide variety of music for their EASe schedule. These discs were developed using very attractive musical beds that a child will find easy to listen to and at the same time, extremely rich in high frequency content and natural instruments.

  • EASe CD #9: This CD returns to the style of EASe 5 with simple, up-tempo light jazz music and very intense modulation. This CD can be used to extend a program that began with EASe 1 and went on to EASe 5. This is not a CD to start with, but one that can help a patient become fully habituated to environmental sounds. We recommend this CD for auditory hypersensitivity, sensory modulation, concentration and attention.

If your child is demonstrably auditory hypersensitive, we highly suggest that you purchase the entire set of EASe CD's which will equal a full ten hours of original musical content and up to 100 hours of listening therapy. We have created a schedule in which a parent can easily acquire all ten EASe CD's at the lowest cost possible. If you think your child is auditory hypersensitive, but are not sure, then just purchase EASe #1 and observe the results before buying any more EASe CDs. If you know your child is auditory hypersensitive, then buy as many EASe CD's as you can afford. Then add the rest to complete the entire set as you can afford them. In this way your child will get the most effective EASe listening program possible.

EASe CD #9 costs $39.00 plus shipping.

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