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Frequently Asked Questions:

What form of payment is accepted?
You can pay in our web store with either a credit card or pay pal. We ship in the US by US Priority Mail and internationally via Global Priority Mail. We will only charge you one shipping charge per order, no matter how many EASe CDs you purchase.

How many times should my child listen to the EASe CDs per day
We recommend two EASe listening sessions per day, usually starting at a low volume and lasting anywhere from a minimum of one song to a maximum of 30 minutes. If your child does not have trouble with tactile hypersensitivity and can wear headphones, you can start at 30 minutes with a low volume. If your child wants to run around and play before the end of the session, then cut back the duration and gradually build up the session time over the next few days.

Can I let my child listen while asleep?
Yes you can let them listen during sleeping time. We usually recommend a "boom box" placed next to the child while they sleep. Do not play it too loud. It is not necessary. Never play it more than 30 minutes, even in their sleep.

My child cannot stand to wear headphones. Can my child listen to EASe CDs with different method than headphones?
Headphones are absolutely the most effective way to play the EASe CD music for a child. However if your child is tactile hypersensitive, then car speakers, home stereo, "boom box" and other methods are less effective, but acceptable.

How long until I see results?
We do not evaluate every child who's parents buy EASe CDs, so we cannot tell who will benefit and who will not. For those children for whom the EASe CDs are appropriate, some react immediately and some take up to three months. An immediate response can be a sense of calm when listening to the EASe CDs, as well as improved eye contact, language improvement, balance and general well being.  

Do the EASe CDs cure Autism?
The EASe CDs do not CURE Autism, Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy or any other complex brain injury, which tend to be the underlying cause of auditory hypersensitivity. The EASe CDs train an individual's brain to habituate to noise and better manage environmental sound, leading to improved physical, mental and emotional adjustment. If used by themselves, the condition that caused the hypersensitivity in the first place will eventually cause it to return, requiring another listening session every six months or so. When used in conjunction within a successful holistic approach to treatment, the auditory hypersensitivity need not ever return.

Which EASe CD should I purchase?
If you are sure you child is auditory hypersensitive, by either their actions then you should purchase as many EASe CDs as you can afford.

If you are sure your child is auditory hypersensitive, (outward signs are covering ears, crying at sounds, avoiding loud environments, etc) or a diagnosis, we recommend that you buy as many EASe CDs as you can afford and start your listening program right away. Each CD can be listened to for a maximum of ten hours, and longer programs are more effective than shorter ones. In this way, you will give your child the maximum variability in their listening sessions and the best chance for success.

If you are not sure your child is auditory hypersensitive, (sometimes children become auditory defensive and appear more deaf than hypersensitive, but this IS auditory hypersensitivity) then just purchase EASe CD