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The Electronic Auditory Stimulation effect audio CD series is the original disc based Listening Therapy program. EASe CDs, are easy to use, simple and safe tools for occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech therapists, teachers and parents, to assist children challenged with sensory processing disorder, sensory integration disorder, auditory hypersensitivity, central auditory processing disorder (CAPD), hearing or developmental issues, to better manage noise. EASe Listening Therapy was originally based on the Guy Berard AIT method of auditory integration training (similar to the Tomatis Method) at a fraction of the cost, and can be carried out at home, at school or in a therapist's office with an inexpensive CD player and a high quality pair of headphones.

EASe CDs have been successfully used since 1996 by ten thousand trained therapists, many tens of thousands of parents, and hundreds of non profit organizations the world over. EASe CDs integrate well with sensory integration therapies, enabling a child to more easily develop additional skills through an enhanced "sensory diet". Click on any of the thumbnails below to learn more about all ten EASe CDs. EASe CD's are clnically researched therapy.


EASe Listening Therapy consists of instrumental music and natural sounds encoded with randomly pulsed equalization that increases high frequency content in an unpredictable manner. This random high frequency energy stimulates the auditory pathway from the eardrum to the auditory cortex in very short, but highly intense bursts.

EASe Listening Therapy is a practical application of the psychoacoustic "fight or flight" response. Short duration, high intensity noise stimulates the auditory neuropathway, but does not exceed the intensity/duration threshold that elicits a sensory defense response. As a result, the patient is able to gradually habituate to intense auditory stimulation. After enough listening sessions, patients become able to utilize this habituation skill in their everyday lives to cope with normal auditory conditions.

An EASe Listening Therapy program is easy to initiate and manage by a parent, teacher or therapist. In most cases it is seen as a reward by the child and is eagerly anticipated. EASe Listening Therapy integrates well into a program of Sensory Integration, becoming an enabling mechanism for further improvements in balance and coordination. For more information about this see: Listening with the Whole Body, by Sheila Frick, OTR and Colleen Hacker, MS, OTR. Ms. Frick owns and operates Vital Links. Vital Links offers a variety of continuing education workshops for occupational therapists, speech therapists, physical therapists, and other related professionals and uses EASe CDs 1 through 4 in their work.

EASe Listening Therapy is inexpensive, costing a small fraction of other auditory interventions. EASe products are reusable. Every three to six months the listening program can be applied again if necessary and at no extra charge when the parent owns their own CDs, games or apps.


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EASe CD Series - Call 212-222-5665 - Treat Auditory Hypersensitivity, Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorders, ASD, PDD, PDD-NOS, ADD, ADHD & Down Syndrome. EASe CD Is An Auditory Intervention Program for Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Speech Therapists, Listening Therapists, & Parents

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