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A wide array of individuals have demonstrated hypersensitivity to normal sensory input. This sensory hypersensitivity can be tactile, visual, auditory or other. Brain-injured children often exhibit sensory control problems. Auditory and Visual hypersensitivity has been demonstrated by children with symptoms described as Autistic. Often these and other brain-injured children exhibit a startle reflex that does not abate with continuation of normal stimulus. One successful method of desensitizing these children has been auditory stimulation in the form of transient sounds, (wood blocks, horn bursts, etc) to randomly stimulate the auditory pathway of the brain . The transient nature of the stimulation does not over stimulate the child like a continuing noise might. The frequency of the stimulation eventually builds enough information in the auditory centers of the brain to help it reach the next stage of development in which it can control auditory startle reflexes. Another method of response to this auditory problem has been the use of electronic auditory stimulation. This method utilizes a machine which modifies music with random bursts of high frequency energy to deliver auditory stimulation to the patient. Children afflicted with auditory hypersensitivity have demonstrated positive effects. These effects include lessoning of their auditory hypersensitivity, increased communication and an increase of affection.

However, this therapy is expensive in both money and time. It is not available everywhere so parents must travel long distances and incure travel expenses in addition to the treatment fee itself. Studies have concluded that in regard to these particular individuals, the basic signal of the machine is as effective as the signal when input filter shaping is used (Edelson, et al, 1994). This information suggested that the signal from the machine could be recorded onto a suitable medium and distributed to many more individuals than who were presently able to afford the use of the machine.

In an effort to make this type of electronic auditory stimulation more affordable to parents of brain-injured children, Vision Audio Inc. has transferred licensed music through an auditory stimulation device to Compact Disc with encouraging results.

To test the electronic viability of such a procedure, Vision Audio Inc. recently analyzed the performance of the machine. The procedure was thus.

1. A white noise source was equalized for constant amplitude and applied to the input of the machine. The signal level was adjusted for unity gain in and out of the machine.
2. The machine's sensitivity was adjusted so that proper level and efficiency action (encoding) was achieved with the given source signal.3. The resultant signal was digitally encoded and recorded using a digital hard disc recorder.
4. Fast Fourier Transform analysis (FFT) of the signal, both directly from the machine (figure 1) and from the digital hard disc recorder (figure 2) was done and time slices of that analysis were saved as PICT files.
5. Analysis of the direct output of the system and the digital recording revealed very little differences in frequency response or dynamic range.

figure one

figure 2

figure two




The dynamic range of the the auditory stimulation device exceeded seventy decibles, the high end performance of analog recording devices. The real story though was in the high frequency requirements ot the auditory stimulation device. During the BURST mode the device output a signal exceeding eighty decible dynamic range at twenty thousand hertz. The only medium capable of handling that kind of extreme frequency content with acceptable linearity and distortion is digital.

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