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HeartScanner | Inner Balance Scan

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HeartMath is the world's leader in helping organizations build coherent, dynamic organizations that achieve success on three levels: top line, bottom line, and people line. Featured in the Harvard Business Review, our innovative Inner Quality Management (IQM)® framework is the basis for the first scientifically-validated suite of high-impact business programs to help leadership teams, sales organizations, customer service groups, and all functional levels achieve breakthrough, sustainable results. IQM is our process for helping people in organizations rapidly develop coherence, which in turn, drives the new behaviors that create organizational excellence.

Building a High Performance Organization

Inspired leadership. Sales growth. Service excellence.

If you want an organization to achieve top performance, these three elements are crucial. Based on leading edge research into the physiology of high performance -- and linked to key business outcomes -- our programs have been proven with over 50,000 executives, managers and associates worldwide.

Leadership Case Study

  • 75% of executives experienced dramatic improvements in performance, resilience, health, and leadership effectiveness.
  • Blood pressure improved 10.6 points in systolic and 6.3 points in diastolic pressure at a Fortune 50 company. Cost savings in protecting executive health can be substantial.

Sales Case Study -- IT services firm

  • Assisted turnaround for division with annual revenues of $25M
  • Won new contracts totaling $45M in three week period.

Customer Service Case Study -- Fortune 50 technology company

  • 67% decrease in desire to quit
  • 50% reduction in agent stress
  • 38% improvement in staff communication
  • 33% improvement in listening to customers
  • Achieved 11X return on investment

Health Care Organization Case Study

  • Reduced employee turnover by 50%
  • $1.5M in savings over two years.
  • Improved customer satisfaction by 27% in first year
  • Achieved #1 rank nationally in employee satisfaction

Through work at clients such as Hewlett-Packard, Shell, Liz Claiborne, Boeing, Cathay Pacific Airways, BP, Motorola, Cisco, Unilever, and United Technologies, HeartMath's innovative approach to personal and business performance has been validated. The result: a set of core programs that powerfully impact the major strategic objectives every organization faces.

We invite you to learn more about our services, case studies, resources and our unique solutions for your company.


HeartScanner | Inner Balance Scan


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