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HeartScanner | Inner Balance Scan

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As Individuals, we all share a desire to be in contact with what is most deep and true in ourselves. Yet we know that we cannot just think our way to that goal. Our minds on their own are not enough. To be a complete human being requires something more. It takes heart.

Created by Doc Childre—an author, researcher, and consultant to leaders in business, science, medicine and education—HeartMath is a system for unlocking the heart's innate intelligence. Recognized and highly respected in the fields of psychology, mind/body medicine, new science, business and personal development, HeartMath offers a new psychology and physiology based on the power of the heart providing an innovative approach to healthy and fulfilling living.

By learning how to lead a more heart-directed life you can reduce stress, facilitate change, infuse yourself with a renewed sense of hope and empower your self to live life to its fullest potential. The techniques, concepts and technology incorporated in HeartMath give you a greater ability to achieve emotional balance, mental clarity and improved health.

HeartMath is unique in that it is grounded in science, taking “heart” out of the respected but conceptual confines of philosophy and spirituality into a practical, common-sense understanding useful in everyday life.  It's also designed to be easy to learn. That's why so many people from all walks of life are finding this innovative approach to personal and organizational development so appealing. Thousands of people around the world use HeartMath to improve performance in business, increase awareness and intelligence, create better relationships and learn how to ride the waves of change with more poise and grace.

Creating and sustaining high performance and emotional balance is not just a good thing to do. It's essential in order to be successful in this era of high-speed change. You can build a new power that cuts through problems and leads to success, health and greater happiness. HeartMath gives you that power.

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HeartScanner | Inner Balance Scan


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