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HeartScanner | Inner Balance Scan



Strategies for the Competitive Edge:
Getting Results in the Face of Rapid Change

Corporate and public sector organizations can no longer argue the point: Stress IS a big deal in today's environment and the bottom line impact of it is causing leaders to find ways to reduce its negative effects on business and personal performance. In this compelling one hour video Bruce Cryer, President and CEO of HeartMath LLC, and co-author of From Chaos to Coherence: The Power to Change Performance, presents a Stanford Executive Briefing to Silicon Valley Business leaders.

Bruce delivers a timely message not only on the scope of the stress problem and its roots in emotional chaos, but also what landmark research from science and technology has revealed to help organizations transform it while improving health and well-being for their people. See how the speed of change has intensified the business landscape, understand the true cost of stress, find out more about the stress-performance relationship, and learn how the new science of physiological coherence is not only providing leading-edge companies with relief from the problem, but also distinct business advantage through this unique science of performance.

VHS format, 59 Minutes.


Activating the Heart's Intelligence
A Video Guide to an Expanded Awareness of the Heart

The ever-evolving personal development world is being fueled by the high-tech, hi-touch application of the HeartMath system. In this 82-minute video, filmed by the prestigious Hartley Film Foundation, you'll see Howard Martin, Executive Vice President of HeartMath, live at the world renowned Prophets Conference. In this dynamic, entertaining presentation you'll see where science and consciousness come together to help you create new fulfillment and expanded awareness.

Co-author of 'The HeartMath Solution' and a popular keynote speaker, Howard shares insights and applications that make this video a valuable experience you'll enjoy sharing with friends and family. You'll learn tools to immediately help you, experience a powerful exercise on perception and hear about breakthrough discoveries on how the heart influences the brain and rest of the body's vital systems.

Chantal Westerman, Executive Producer, ABCs Good Morning America says, 'Howard Martin is one of those men in the world who have been given the gift of communication. That is to say, he has the ability to be crystal clear. If you ever have a chance to hear Howard Martin speak, by all means, do so. He's funny, he's warm, he's clear, and you will walk away with more insight and information than you've had in a very long time."

VHS format, 82 Minutes.


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HeartScanner | Inner Balance Scan

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