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Health Assessment
Biological Age Health Snapshot
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Health Snapshot

Health Snapshot provides an assessment of user's regulatory balance and total energy, and tracks the changes over time.

The Health Snapshot is a module of the Heart Wizard™ program that gives you an accurate health evaluation in just 5 minutes, while several continuous tests will give you the direction of your health changes and will help you understand what works good for your health and what's not.

If you concerned about your and your family health, the Heart Wizard™'s Health Snapshot is a "must have" tool which can quickly evaluate your health and help to reveal coming illness on its early stages. You will be able to see your "good" and "bad" days.

Doing the test

Click to see a larger picture of Health Snapshot session screen Prepare for the test. Heart Wizard™ provides simple-to-follow instructions to get started including visuals. Plug-in the Heart Wizard™'s USB pulse wave sensor, attach the ear-clip to your earlobe or a finger, sit down and relax.

Once you're ready click the "Start" button for recording. The device will be turned into recording state to monitor and transmit the data to your computer.

You will be asked to sit comfortable watching beautiful landscapes and listening relaxing music while Heart Wizard™ collecting valuable information about your health to show you in the coming next report.

Health Snapshot report

When you're done, Heart Wizard™ compares your results with results from a vast database of healthy individuals of your age group and generates the report. Here are the parameters displayed in the Health Snapshot report.

Click to see a larger picture of Health Snapshot report screen Activation Energy. This parameter reflects activation energy of your body. It is higher when the organism is struggling with any negative impact or event including illness. It is lower when the organism received necessary treatment and needs relaxation.

Calming Energy. This parameter reflects calming energy of your body. This energy pushes activation energy down when its work is finished. Without it the organism would work at full stretch at most times which causes serious health problems. When it's higher the organism is relaxed. If it's low several last tests it's recommended to see a doctor. Refer the program for more details.

Total Energy. This parameter shows your current total biological energy. It's usually higher in the morning, before going to the gym (regular gym users), after spa etc. Watch this parameter to see how different techniques and events influence your biological energy: make you weaker or stronger.

Click to see a larger picture of Health Snapshot progress screen Bio Balance. The balance of your activation and relaxation energies could tell a lot about your health. If your Activation is high and Calming Energy is low or normal then the organism is tired, is under negative impact or sick. If you got Activation energy and Calming Energy both high then it means you're ready to do some activity, e.g. training in gym. And so on, the Heart Wizard™ will give you detailed interpretation of your test results.

Activation Energy[% of tests with normal values]. This parameter shows statistically what percent of perforrmed by you tests came with normal value of Activation Energy. Ideally this parameter should be close to 100%.

Calming Energy[% of tests with normal values]. This parameter shows statistically what percent of performed by you tests came with normal value of Calming Energy. Ideally this parameter should be close to 100%.

Total Energy Tendency. This parameter shows the trend in your Biological Energy. Keep it stable or improving and this means you care about your health.
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