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Use Heart Wizard™ at home

Use Heart Wizard™ at home

Family is important to all of us, and it is ultimately our job to make sure that our loved ones maintain or improve their overall health status. Heart Wizard™ is a new universtal health monitor that has the ability to tell you exactly how you are doing.

On the daily basis, you and other members of your family are surrounded by people, animals, sounds, foods, etc. Everything that is around you at any given time ends up influencing your emotional and/or physical health condition. This influence can be positive or negative.

With Heart Wizard™ you and your family members can:
  • Take an accurate and thorough (5min) health evaluation
  • See the influence daily factors (foods, vitamins, pets, etc.) are having
  • Track health changes and reveal diseases on their early stages
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Use Heart Wizard™ at work

Use Heart Wizard™ at work

Are you pleased with your job? Hopefully the answer to that is "yes", however, there is no such thing as a perfect workday, and even the most irrelevant issues at work have the potential to cause severe stress, and make you feel extremely overwhelmed. Stress does not only undermine your ability to effectively carryout the tasks which you were assigned, but it also has a negative impact on your overall health.

Heart Wizard™'s Stress Monitor was developed as a result of numerous requests from companies who truly care about their employees. This piece of software monitors our stress level throughout the day, and has the ability to treat it before a borderline between harmful and un-harmful stress is crossed.

While you're working behind your station, your stress level is monitored through a small sensor attached to your ear. It kindly prompts you to do a 5-minutes session in Stress Sweeper when your stress level gets close to the borderline. Once the stress level is lowered, you may simply return to work. The use of Stress Monitor is guaranteed to maximize productivity and reduce fatigue.
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