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Stress Management
Stress Monitor Stress Sweeper
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Heart Wizard™ and stress management

Stress Monitor monitors user's stress level while working at the computer, in real time shows notifications about changes in stress level and recommendations on when to take a break.

Are you pleased with your job? Hopefully the answer to that is "yes", however, there is no such thing as a perfect workday, and even the most irrelevant issues at work have the potential to cause severe stress, and make you feel extremely overwhelmed. Stress does not only undermine your ability to effectively carryout the tasks which you were assigned, but it also has a negative impact on your overall health.

Heart Wizard™'s Stress Monitor was developed as a result of numerous requests from companies who truly care about their employees. This piece of software monitors our stress level throughout the day, and has the ability to treat it before a borderline between harmful and un-harmful stress is crossed.

Your working place - no more stress

You start work in the morning full of energy and free of stress. However, as time passes, the day becomes less bright and more exhausting. You begin thinking about home and the amount of hours you still have to remain at your workplace. As a result your productivity level drops and the rest of the workday simply becomes a drag.

Stress Monitor session screen Why does this occur?

Your tasks at work cause a buildup of stress in your organism. At some point the accumulated stress level exceeds a certain safe-zone for the human body. As a result, natural balance becomes unbalanced and your life support system is forced to work at full capacity. These dramatic changes in your body are directly linked to fatigue, increased recovery time from workouts, increased irritability, hypersensitivity to sounds and light, weight gain or loss, insomnia, and more.

Advanced Wellness Solutions® and a group of international scientists have developed a unique algorithm implemented in Heart Wizard™'s service Stress Monitor.

While you're working behind your station, your stress level is monitored through a small sensor attached to your ear. It kindly prompts you to do a 5-minutes session in Stress Sweeper when your stress level gets close to the borderline between harmful and un-harmful stress. Once the stress level is lowered, you may simply return to work.

The use of Stress Monitor along with the Stress Sweeper is guaranteed to maximize productivity and reduce fatigue.

Recommended for corporate as well as personal use!
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Using at home and in the office

The Stress Monitor service is designed for convenient use at home and in the office. However, it is only designed to monitor your stress, not to combat it. To lower your stress level, AWS® recommends the use of the Stress Sweeper, which is another component of the Heart Wizard™ system. You certainly can use alternative methods of relaxation such as taking a short walk, listening to your favorite music, etc. Using Heart Wizard™'s absence memo will allow you to compare different methods of relaxation and choose the one most effective for you: visual reports will show the effects of Stress Sweeper sessions or of other alternative relaxation technique.

Corporate Stress Monitor account is extended with the remote tracking system. Employees can grant a remote access to their Stress Monitor reports to a supervisor for more effective stress management in the office.

Advanced Wellness Solutions® invites small and large business owners to join the Stress Monitor program. Let's provide you and your employees with a healthier, and a more productive working environment!
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