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Real-time Heart Rate Variability Monitoring system

HRVLive! 1.0

Real-time Heart Rate Variability Monitoring system

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Practical use

The HRV Live is the world only professional tool designed to do continuous monitoring of the autonomic function by means of performing repetitive heart rate variability (HRV) analysis in real-time.

There is no other tool available providing capability to get HRV parameters over and over again in real-time to observe full dynamics of changes in the autonomic regulation.

Many professionals can use the HRV Live in their daily practice to enhance their health assessment techniques and optimize their treatment procedures.

Here are just few examples:

1. Clinical researchers may use the HRV Live to measure effect of their investigational procedures or substances on autonomic function – how strong the effect is, how quickly it appears and how long it sustains.
The autonomic nervous system is a complex regulatory mechanism in a human body. It reacts to any process going in the body and acts properly to adapt the body to changing environment. For instance pain causes stress response in the body, which is a typical pattern of the autonomic function. By doing certain treatment procedure or administering a treatment substance to relieve pain we alter the autonomic function. HRV Live quickly picks changes happening in this function and gives distinctive unbiased quantitative picture of this effect.

2. Healthcare practitioners may find the HRV Live as a great help in testing substances causing allergy.
There are many alternative healthcare practitioners using special methods like muscle testing to find out if certain allergens cause human body to respond to their application. This procedure helps to find possible food or other types of allergies. HRV Live can be used instead of muscle testing because it measures changes in HRV parameters as a reflection of reactions of the autonomic nervous system to such applications of known allergens. Sensible allergens cause stress response of the body and HRV Live picks it in real-time. Apply allergens one after another and watch the autonomic response in an objective placebo-free way.

3. Healthcare practitioners may use the HRV Live to find optimal doses of their treatment.
Alternative healthcare practitioners may monitor the autonomic function in real-time while giving their clients increasing doses of their treatment substances or procedures. With an assumption that the treatment has quick effect on the autonomic function the HRV Live may help to find out what optimal individual dose of the treatment causes sufficient expected effect on the body.

There are important requirements needed to be followed when using the HRV Live. Patients should avoid eating within 2 hours before testing, having any stimulating drinks like coffee, having vigorous exercises or experiencing significant emotional events. Any temporary sickness like flu is also a reason to refrain from testing.

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