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"If you are looking for a personal development audio series that will help you to make effortless changes in your life, then the HPP programs are for you."

Dr. Philip Brotman, Ph.D.

"I began using the Money, Wealth & Prosperity HPP CD set about 3 months ago. Within one month my business doubled and in the second month it tripled...Thank you, Dr. Glauberman!"

Camille Gilbert
Business Owner


As the winter days grow shorter, our to-do-lists only grow longer. We often pay even less attention to taking care of ourselves, letting our performance slip at a time when even more is being demanded of us... So check out our Holiday Bundles, and this season give the gift of health and relaxation.
With Meditative Relaxation, you will find yourself relaxed and stress-free, able to control negative emotions and fully participate in all that life has in store for you. Just pop in the CD, sit back, and let yourself fall into a deeply relaxed state - The audio program and your unconscious mind will do the rest...  
Successful athletes, business entrepreneurs and artists all share two things the ability to set realistic goals and the motivation to attain them...Quest for Excellence will give you the tools you need to get there.
Try HPP!
Find out why over a hundred thousand people are using our programs to transfrom their lives!
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Money, Wealth & Prosperity
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ACE: The HPP Golf Mastery Program

HPP (Hypno-Peripheral Processing) Audio CDs - Call 212-222-5665 - For Meditation, Stress Relief, Stress Management. Buy Your HPP Audio CDs Today! Learn About the HPP Golf Mastery Program and How Successful Athletes, Business Entrepreneurs & Artists Have the Ability To Set Realistic Goals & the Motivation To Attain Them


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New PLAY ATTENTION Edufeedback system - for Attention, Focus, Concentration, Active and Short Term Memory, Hyperactivity Reduction, Reading Comprehension - uses the same feedback science and technology perfected for NASA astronauts and US Air Force pilots. Time payment plan options available.
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