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"If you are looking for a personal development audio series that will help you to make effortless changes in your life, then the HPP programs are for you."

Dr. Philip Brotman, Ph.D.

"I began using the Money, Wealth & Prosperity HPP CD set about 3 months ago. Within one month my business doubled and in the second month it tripled...Thank you, Dr. Glauberman!"

Camille Gilbert
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The Transformational Power of Storytelling

By Lloyd Glauberman PhD

Human beings are storytellers.  Perhaps more than anything else, it's our love for storytelling- and storylistening- that separates us from all other creatures.  Whether it's the archetypal myths described by Joseph Campbell, the events of the day on the 11:00 news, or the personal chronicles of our lives, stories are the fabric of our existence.

Over the past few decades the use of stories, specifically metaphors, has expanded and now become part of the landscape of modern psychothereapeutic technology.  In therapy, however, a story's metaphor is structured so that learning occurs on the  unconscious level of experience.  In other words, the listener “peripherally” processes meaning by perceiving information outside of awareness.

As a practicing psychologist and hypnotic  storytelling therapist for the past two decades, I can vouch for the power of stories as a vehicle for therapeutic growth and healing.  During this period of time I've explored ways to combine elements of myth, metaphors, and fairy tales into a unique and effective personal development audio technology.

The technology is called Hypno-perpipheral Processing (HPP). Combining the metaphoric strategies of Dr. Milton Erickson within the framework of the Myth of the Hero as described by Joseph Campbell, the tapes take the listener on fantastic journeys that are engaging, relaxing and therapeutic.  The protagonist in the stories interact with magical characters like wizards, sorcerers, shamans, and fortune tellers.  These “possessors of knowledge and wisdom” provide the protagonist with the resources they need in order to make important changes in their lives.

In terms of pure emotional depth and resonance, myths are the most powerful of stories for they reflect wisdom.  The Myth of the Hero more than any other myth reflects this power.  In the book The Power of Myth, Joseph Campbell describes the theme of the Myth of the Hero in the following way: “The person takes off on a series of adventures beyond the ordinary…it's usually a cycle of going and returning.”

I chose the structure of the Myth of the Hero for my HPP programs because I believe it resonates deeply within all of us.  A person experiencing some difficulty in life is briefly removed from reality, goes through a profound transformational experience which brings out the best in them, and then returns to everyday experience a changed person.  It's a theme universally admired, combining adventure and heroics.  Aren't we all looking for the heroic within ourselves?  And aren't we all looking for ways to overcome internal or external obstacles and maximize our potential?

Along with the Myth of the Hero structure, another defining characteristic of the HPP format is its original multiple-story format.  Each story (one in the left channel, a different one on the right) incorporates rich, delightful imagery and holographic realities, mystical mountains, and magical journeys.  The stories contain a variety of positive messages for change that seep directly into the unconscious.  No subliminal messages are used in this process.  Rather, at strategic points on each tape, the two stories intersect.  From the apparent gentle overload, complete thoughts and positive suggestions emerge.  This creates a synergistic effect that unleashes the power of both hemispheres of the brain.

This “dual induction” as it is called in the hypnotic literature, shuts down the logical part of the mind, the “chatterbox” that accompanies our waking state, resulting in a very relaxed, receptive state of mind that researchers call the theta state.  The theta or twilight state, a term coined by psychologist Thomas Budzinski, refers to the brain waves that are produced by this state.  In addition, theta is often accompanied by dreamlike imagery, sudden insights, and vivid memories, as well as the ability to learn and absorb information quickly and easily.

My initial series of HPP tapes, Myths, Metaphors & Messages, was researched by Julian Isaacs, PhD.  Dr. Isaacs said the following about the HPP programs: “The HPP tapes did produce strong and robustly consistent positive findings.  In addition to consistently producing the theta state, subjects reported consistent improvements in mood state, self-esteem, confidence and well-being.  I can unhesitatingly recommend HPP tapes for their effectiveness.”

In my latest series, The Edge of the Metaphor, I've focused on the core areas of our lives- Body, Mind, Spirit, Relationships- and created a program that is structured around renewal and balance.  At any moment in time we have the opportunity to change the trajectory of our life and have the next chapter in our own personal story be better, brighter, and more productive.

Stories, whether in the form of myths, allegories, metaphors, parables, or fairy tales, can be healing.  Throughout the ages children have been told stories by adults at times when they need guidance in order to cope with a difficult life situation.  Wisdom and insight are much more easily absorbed when presented within the context of a story. So lie back and close your eyes…It's storytime.

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CalmLink Biofeedback Software and an GSR/Temp Biofeedback System

Video Presentation

BioBehavioral Cassettes Available For the CalmLink/GSR/temp


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