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 Similarities and differences between

Dore Achievement Centers™ and

the Learning Breakthrough Program™.

The Learning Breakthrough Program™ is the original balance and sensory processing
improvement program developed over 14 years through the pioneering efforts
of Dr. Frank Belgau and his wife Beverly.

Their publication of the program in 1982 and their specialized training seminars given over the next 22 years made the program available mainly to professionals until the revised 2005 Program was introduced.  In 1999 the Dore Centres™ (DDAT™), founded by Wynford Dore, developed their own balance and sensory integration exercise program. As cited in the only peer reviewed research regarding Dore program's establishment, the principles of our Learning Breakthrough Program™ is the sole example given as the basis for the development of the Dore exercises (see #1 below).

Comparison of Dore Method and Learning Breakthrough Program
Specific Issue Dore Program Learning Breakthorugh
Price $4500 US dollars $398 US dollars
Exercises Performed at Home Home
Program Length 12-15 months 9-15 months
Daily Activity Time for Maximum Benefit 10-20 minutes, twice daily 10-20 minutes, twice daily
 In-clinic Visits  Yes  No
 Years Program in Existence  7 years,since 1999  25 years, since 1982
 # of Users per Program Purchased  1  Unlimited
 Equipment Design  Standard  Precision
Used by Developmental Specialists?  No, only by Dore personnel  Yes
Testing Performed  Medical/Educational  Benchmarking
 AOTA Approved (American Occupational Therapy Association)  No  Seminars approved for continuing education
 Sensory Integration Activities  Yes  Yes
 Balance Activities  Yes  Yes
 Follow Along Video Provided of All Exercises  No
 Yes, on DVD and in written form
 Adjustable Difficulty Level of Balance Equipment  Yes, two "wobble" levels provided.  Yes, unlimited difficulty levels provided with precise challenge.
 Helps with ADD/ADHD  Yes  Yes
 Helps with Dyslexia  Yes  Yes

A Dore™ client travels to one of the centers, receives medical and educational testing, and takes home equipment and an exercise plan. They return in approximately 6 weeks for some follow up testing and the next set of exercises to take home. This pattern continues for 12 to 15 months. The program’s benefits come from the daily exercises performed at home. The cost is approximately $4500US (£2390).

The Learning Breakthrough Program™ is structured and organized into daily sessions for ease of use by the average parent, teacher or clinician (occupational therapists, optometrists, audiologists, speech therapists, psychologists, physicians). The program is securely ordered on this website and delivered to your home, school or clinic via FEDEX or US Mail. The program comes complete with detailed instructions, benchmarking tests, all equipment and a work along DVD for ease of use. The program's benefits come from the daily exercises performed at home. The total cost, including delivery, is $398 in the US or approximately $498USD to the UK, EU and Australia.

Learning Breakthrough Program™ participants all perform the same activities. The holistic nature of the Learning Breakthrough Program™ involves all the various senses and processes behind learning and performance. Our various senses such as visual, motor, auditory and balance are connected. The more they are “exercised” together the more “integrated” they become and the better we function. The program is designed to allow individual users to progress at different rates to more challenging levels. The exercises that are part of the Learning Breakthrough Program™ have been culled through trial and error since the 1960's when development first began. We consider this extensive group of exercises to be a very powerful, time tested group of activities that make positvie brain change in areas involved with cognitive and physical performance. A variety of medical clinicians use all or parts of the program in conjunction with other therapies.

(#1) go to  Go to the bottom of page 8, top of page 9 and page 31 to see the reference made regarding the Learning Breakthrough Program™ (Belgau & Belgau, 1982) as the example given as the basis for the development of the Dore™ (DDAT) program.

More Information Regarding Personalization of Exercises: The issue of personalizing exercises to the specific needs of an individual is interesting. In the hands of a trained developmental specialist, such as an occupational therapist or physical therapist, a customized exercise regimen can certainly be constructed. These educated and credentialed professionals have the ability to coordinate balance and sensory processing exercises, such as those that make up the Learning Breakthrough Program (LBP), with other therapies, especially when multiple challenges are being faced simultaneously. However, most who use the LBP professionally find it to be very complete and appropriate in its structured and organized form. The exercises have been culled from exhaustive trial and error since the 1960s and have evolved into one of the most complete set of balance and sensory exercises available anywhere in the world today.

Dr. Belgau, the creator of the Learning Breakthrough Program, has often been asked questions such as “my child has AD/HD or Dyslexia or another specific condition, which exercises should be used?” His answer has always been that it is through the repetition of the complete range of LBP exercises that stimulation of vital neural pathways is maximized and that this is how brain processing improvement occurs. We know the sequence, position, posture, number of repetitions and specific activity designs themselves cause positive changes in the brain. This is not to say that other sequencing and sensory-motor activities will not work. We know from decades of use that the precision of the equipment and the activities in the Learning Breakthrough Program produce powerful changes in areas of cognitive, physical and attention performance and ability.

We believe that if one performs the Dore Programme exercises every day, at home, for 12 to 15 months they will, in all likelihood, experience positive changes. Our confidence comes from the fact that the Dore Program was developed based on the principles behind the Learning Breakthrough Program.

We are aware of no compelling indication that specific sensory integration activities deliver specific types of results for specific disabilities. It is Learning Breakthrough’s position that it is through the diligent use of the range of activities, developed by an acknowledged leader in the professional community and refined over 30 years, done in their entirety, that powerful benefits accrue to the user.

We know that the Learning Breakthrough regimen is beneficial for most anyone who uses it properly and for a long enough period of time.

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