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If you have not seen it yet, click here to view video that includes comments from teachers, parents, students and professionals. 

School Principal Raves About Improvements Seen In Students   August 2007

We have had great success with the LB program.

We can mark the date we started using the program with one young man (age 11) by looking at his handwriting workbook.  We saw a dramatic improvement immediately and saw steady improvement until the end of the workbook.  The good handwriting carried over into his other work including his math.  His hand/eye coordination improved, and he was finally able to follow a line of text and read with some fluency. 

The biggest advantage to using LB over any other program (besides price) is that the kids enjoy doing the exercises.  We also have worksheets and computer programs that claim to do the same thing as LB, but the kids actually ask to do the LB exercises.

Kim Wigington, Ed.S.
Brookwood Christian Language School in Acworth, GA  (Designed for students with Language based learning differences.

Mother and Daughter Both Use the Program          November 2006
My daughter and I began using the Learning Breakthrough Program in August 2006. I am 48 and have noticed improvements in co-ordination and problem solving and clearer thinking processes.
The latest obvious improvement with my daughter is that a teacher at school accused my daughter of getting me to complete her assignment. The accusation came because her work was of a higher standard than the teacher was used to. I didn't even know she had done the assignment and took the teacher's comment as a positive sign of improvement.

We try to be as consistent with the program as possible and have to make a real effort to get up early to do the exercises and obviously get my daughter up early too. This discipline has been very good for her and I have noticed positive changes in her behaviour.
Researching the Dore program which I saw on TV was the reason I became aware of the Learning Breakthrough Program. The Dore program was offered to me at a cost of $4,700 AUD which was totally out of my price range and I was considering getting a bank loan so we could try it as a last ditch effort to help my daughter.  Fortunately I did some research on the Internet and came across the LBP. I intend to email the TV program.
I feel that people should know that there is an affordable alternative.
Thanks again for your advice and encouragment - it is hard to keep it all going at times but as you know, effort is always rewarded.
Jennifer Alamdar
Bunbury, Western Australia

Could Not Be Happier With The Results          August 2006

 My name is Kate Johnson. 

 My son, Griffin, is almost ten.  He has been doing
 the Learning Breakthrough program since January 1st, 2006.  Before then, I would
 have to pester him to do his daily 20 minutes of reading -- with him asking me
 every two minutes, "Mom, is 20 minutes over yet?"   Then in March, for the
 first time in his life, I saw him reading on his own.  I held my breath and
 said a silent prayer that it wasn't some sort of a fluke.  It was no fluke!!!
 He reads all the time now, and loves to read ME to sleep.  I haven't set that
 timer in months.  His 3rd grade reading scores (which the school district
 likes to see improve 16 points a year) shot up 47 points!!!  And I can bear
 witness to the fact that none of his improvement began until he started the
 Learning Breakthrough program.  For us, your program has been a godsend.
 Now, if you could just come up with a program that will help children keep
 their rooms clean...


 Kate Johnson
 St. Charles,  Illinois

Important Student Improvement         August 2006

We have been very pleased with the results obtained by using the LearningBreakthrough Program.  Overall, we have seen improvements in ability to focus and in self-confidence among all fourteen students who have used the program for the past ten months.  We also think that the Learning Breakthrough Program is an important component in our overall academic program because it reduces the students' tendency to be distracted.

Koinonia Academy is a tutoring service (K through 12) for Catholic home-schooling families. Students typically come to the Academy one or more grade levels behind in reading, spelling, and math.  These students have previously been in public schools or parochial schools, or they have been home-schooled.  No matter what the type of educational environment the studnts come from, they all arrive at the Academy with serious deficiencies.  Many of the children exhibit classic symptoms of ADD/ADHD and/or dyslexia.  The Learning Breakthrough Program is an important tool in our efforts to remediate and then accelerate the learning of these students.


Leroy "Skip" Spiller, PhD
Koinonia Academy
Bay City, Michigan

75% Greater Reading Improvement After 4 Months Program Use

After following the Learning Breakthrough Program twice each day from January to May 2004, eighty-three 2nd through 5th graders, all of whom had Dyslexia, ADD/ADHD or non-specific learning disabilities, averaged 75% greater progress in reading than the progress of a control group of non-learning disabled students from the same grades. Typically, learning disabled children progress at only 25% to 50% as much as non-learning disabled pupils.

Here are a few examples of the dramatic progress experienced by some of the students. Of sixteen 3rd grade pupils, who were at risk of failing the state reading test, 9 passed during their first attempt and 3 more passed on the second attempt. One fifth grade child was only able to master 6 spelling words weekly after intensive studying before starting the program. Now this child is mastering 12 words during pre-tests and rarely has to study the words. He appears to have had the words in memory but failed to transfer the information into workable material. One autistic child, who was withdrawn before starting the program, is now known as a chatty, outgoing young boy. He visits up and down the hallways now whereas before he was very much to himself. The school is so thrilled with these early results; it intends to have the entire 3rd grade (130 pupils, learning disabled and non-learning disabled) follow the program for the entire school year, beginning in September. Third grade students must pass the state reading test in order to be promoted, therefore, it’s critical that this grade level is targeted.

“My son also used the program at home, who has improved 2 years of reading level after only 6 months of use. He was a third grader at the time, labeled gifted and talented, but in danger of failing the state reading test and thus being retained due to reading deficiencies associated with dyslexia. He passed both the reading and math state tests on the first attempt in spring 2004”.

It’s devastating to see you’re your own child depressed, frustrated, and losing self-esteem by the minute. The same thing had been happening to many children in my school and I just couldn’t sit by and do nothing to help them".

Mrs. Jeni Ratliff
C. L. Milton Elementary School
Laredo, Texas

Three year pilot study in Seattle, WA

Dr. Frank Belgau’s Learning Breakthrough Program was an integral part of a most successful three-year education pilot study in Seattle, WA. The results of the program demonstrate its value.

    * Student IQ scores increased an average of twenty- four points.
    * Academic scores increased an average of four grade levels in spelling and reading.
    * Behaviors negative to learning were almost totally eliminated.
    * All children in the study knew that now they had skills to learn and were eager to do their school tasks.

Dr. Jerald C. Winger
Cognitive Rehabilitation Specialist
Formerly Director of Learning Disabilities
Seattle School District

Comparative Study of First Grade Tutorial Programs

In 1993-94, this comparative study was done to evaluate three tutorial programs designed to improve First Grade student’s reading performance. The focus of the study was done to highlight additional gains of First Grade Students using the Learning Breakthrough Program. The first two programs – listed as 3 days Belgau and 3 days SOI were organized as small group instructional units. Programmed Tutoring, listed at the bottom, however, is organized as a 1 to 1, adult to child, individual structured reading system.

NCE’S or Normal Curve Equivalents, (similar to percentiles) were used to average the results of the Gates Reading Test. The Department of Education has required us to show an average gain of 3 NCE’S to recognize our programs as successful.

The gains of the students who used the Learning Breakthrough Program and accompanying equipment averaged a gain of 6.5 as opposed to 1.9 NCE’s. The gains of children using Belgau equipment doubled required expectations.

[The SOI percentages are informal, not nationally normed as with Gates, but calculated to show teachers improvements in activities.]

In summary, the children using the balance equipment, fared 46% better on a normed reading test than children supported in small group instruction with the balance program and 20% better than children in a 1-1 Programmed Tutoring reading program.

Diamond Dale Elementary School
Diamond Dale, MI

Reading Specialist

JC was diagnosed with language delay at age 4. He began the Learning Breakthrough Program using the Belgau Balance Board in the fall of his third grade year, reading at a second grade level. At the end of the 4th grade he was reading at a seventh grade level. He made straight A's every six weeks, and received a reading award for top AR points in grades 4 & 5. He also tested out of Resource Classes altogether this year!!! He scored a 145 on oral language expression, a difficult feat for a student with a language delay. God bless you for this wonderful program that changes lives.

Rebecca Callaway
Reading Specialist
Nashville, TN

Reading Clinician

One of the greatest areas of improvement I have seen with my students has been in the area of visual processing. This improvement produces more retention of sight words, word patterns, math facts, etc. in the brain. My students love to do the Belgau Balance Board.

Anne Benesch
Reading Clinician
Granby, CO

Private Tutorial and Consultant Program

This program truly is “brain games in space”. It organizes the brain, balances the body and all its parts, builds new neural pathways, focuses, integrates all the sensory input, improves memory and comprehension, and develops spatial abilities. And there are other “fall outs” such as better behaviors in the classroom and more confidence for the individual. This is not hearsay. I have actually witnessed these results.

Ruth Cobb Arnold, Ed.D.
Professor of Education, Emeritus
Stetson University, Florida

Student Improvement

My name is AS. I would like to thank you for the Learning Breakthrough Program because it has helped me a lot. I have improved my handwriting and my spelling scores. I use the Belgau Balance Board in the classroom, in PE and sometimes I take it home. I'm very smart, but the board has made it easier to get my ideas on paper. I want to be a Herbalist when I grow up. Without the board in my life, I might not even be able to pass 5th grade. It has changed my life. I used to feel bored and now work is more fun to do. I used to have bad feelings about myself. Now I think I'm great! So do a lot of other people. It feels good to be able to do my work.

Student, Boardmaster Captain

Parent Report

Two days of board doubled my child’s reading - Boy, 8 years... (10 minutes time - 2 pages to 4 pages) Incredible.

Parent Note 10/2/98

Private Client

Thank you for sending the Learning Breakthrough Program materials. I received them just in time to begin the balance activities prior to my upgrade to instructor pilot. I made 100% on all my tests and had a Q-1 check ride with no downgrades - my personal best. I am forever grateful to you and appreciate the quick response to my request. My daughter does pendulum ball activities daily and she is only 8 months. It is amazing to see her hand-eye coordination improve.

Air Force Pilot 3/3/95



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