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Medical and Professional Practitioners

Since 1982, a host of medical practitioners, clinicians and therapists have used the Learning Breakthrough Program to treat a wide variety of issues. The root level, foundational brain structures that the program focusses on, makes this powerful, drug-free therapy suitable for a wide array of disorders, difficulties and differences as well as general "brain fitness" for those without any specific challenges. Below is information specific to certain areas of expertise.

One of the most widely embraced aspects of the newly revised version the the Learning Breakthrough Program is that it is now organized and structured to be easy to use by your client in their home. This makes for a wonderful "homework" product to support your clinical therapies and as a terrific maintenance tool your client can use when therapy has ended.  The program can be used clinically as is, right out of the box, or tailored for specific client needs and combined with other therapies to further enhance their effectiveness.

Occupational Therapists: Sensory processing and sensory integration therapy combined with precision vestibular challenge can have a significant impact on a wide range of issues. Over the years, OTs have used the Learning Breakthrough Program to treat ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Austism, Aspergers and other non-specific learning difficulties and motor skills challenges. Combining the program and/or parts of the program with other therapies, such as listening therapies, has the effect of "super charging" the efficacy of the specific treatment. The program is complementary to most every type of therapy as long as the client is able to stand.  Here is what Dr. Lucy Jane Miller, PhD. has to say about the program:

                “The Learning Breakthrough Program is a helpful clinical therapy for a wide range of sensory processing issues. The unique nature of the program lends itself to use with a variety of therapeutic approaches and its ease of use gives us all a new tool to put in the hands of clients for use in their homes. I have integrated this holistic program within my practice and encourage fellow OTs to take advantage of the benefits this wonderful tool has to offer."

Dr. Lucy Jane Miller, Ph.D., OTR, studied with Dr. Ayres in 1972. In 1978, Dr. Miller started the KID Foundation to further the efforts of Dr. Ayres. The Kid Foundation is the only full time research facility in the world to focus exclusively on Sensory Processing Disorders.  Dr. Miller’s latest book is titled: Sensational Kids – Hope and Help for Children with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD).

(A $10 donation is made to the KID Foundation by Learning Breakthrough for every program kit purchased by an Occupational Therapist.)

Click here to visit the KID Foundation website.

Medical Doctors and Psychiatrists:  The Learning Breakthrough Program is a respectable complementary and alternative treatment for ADD/ADHD. Proper program use speeds up brain processing and reaction times similar to the effects of stimulant drug therapy, however the effects take a considerable period of time compared to the immediate impact proper drug use delivers. We acknowledge the efficacy of a properly prescribed and monitored pharmacological intervention as the only FDA approved treatment for ADD/ADHD. The Learning Breakthrough Program provides a respectable complementary and alternative treatment for those patients who indicate a desire to try something other than medication. For patients currently recieveing medication, program use may help lower the dosage and eventually lead to cessation. We would encourage someone who is currently taking medication, and who wants to use the program, to consult their physician and to continue the medication as it will help the patient focus on the program activities.

Physical Therapists:
  Physical therapy for various injuries and surgeries are specific to the physical impairment. What is quite often unrecognized is damage that may have occured to the vestibular (balance) system as a result of an injury or surgery. Combining balance remediation, such as the Learning Breakthrough Program
, along with physical therapy, may hasten recovery. Quite often bringing a patient back to 100% may indeed require therapy to the vestibular system. The Learning Breakthrough Program is an ideal tool as it can be used in the clinic, along with other therapies, as well as at home by the patient in support of ongoing treatment.

Child Psychologists:
  The Learning Breakthrough Program
offers a unique opportunity to treat root level issues that are involved in Dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, Dyspraxia and other non-specific learning disabilities. Many sufferers of these conditions also have poor coordination and physical abilities as well. Along with improvements in learning and attention difficulties, physical and sporting performance tends to improve from consistent program use and eventually has a positive impact on ones self esteem.

Audiologists:  Using the Learning Breakthrough Program™, along with listening therapies and other auditory treatments, will enhance their effectiveness. This results from the introduction of stimulation to other senses, especially the vestibular. Lifting up one sense can help improve others which is why some Interactive Metronome practitioners have their patients stand on our unique balance board while using IM. A variety of listening therapies have incorporated parts or all of the Learning Breakthrough Program as a way to further impact auditory processing.

Developmental Optometrists:  Over the years, many developmental optometrists have used the Learning Breakthrough Program with stroke victims and other clients. The development of networks of neuro pathways that result from consistent program use has positively impacted stroke victims help restore functioning in sensory areas that were lost or damaged as a result of a stroke or other problem. The program, developed when Dr. Belgau was the Director of the Visual and Motor Perception Lab at the University of Houston, improves a variety of visual processing functions, such as binocular teaming and visual acuity. Read through the Theoretical Components section of this website to learn more about how the program can become a valuable tool in your practice.

To view a wonderful video presentation where you will hear from professionals, educators, parents and students who have experienced the Learning Breakthrough Program™, click here.

To read about in great detail the Theoretical Components of the program, click here.


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