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Professional - Bonsall
Robin Bonsall, OTR

"I have been using The Listening Program in a multitude of ways in my practice as a pediatric Occupational Therapist. I use the program as an integral "sensory tool" to facilitate an optimal state of arousal which is most conducive to learning new skills. I have also found the TLP assists children with sensory modulation difficulties to self regulate and again achieve appropriate adaptive responses to their environment.

I have recently completed advanced certification in sensory integration and feel that auditory processing is a key to sensorimotor development that has not yet been utilized to its capacity to facilitate function in children. It is felt, within our profession that there is a strong correlation in how all of our senses interpret incoming information and that the auditory and vestibular system are truly interrelated. (The vestibular system is the system that interprets unconscious information in regard to equilibrium, gravity, movement and changes of position in space. The receptors are located in the semicircular canals in the inner ear.) This system along with visual, tactile and proprioceptive are integral systems that OT's tap into to provide a sensory integrative approach to promote motorical development.

The TLP is easy to use and pleasurable for those who use it. I have yet to have any adverse reactions, although I am cautious with providing input as I am with all therapeutic interventions.

One of the most dramatic changes I have encountered with the children I use the TLP with is in automatic voice quality changes on some children. Increased spontaneous verbalization, tonal quality improvement (less whiney, high pitched voice) and increase in words used "The bumblebee is on the yellow flower!" are just a few of the changes I have seen with my clients.

I have also noticed a more smooth or automatic sense of movement after using the TLP when prior to the program my clients had significant motor planning difficulties and balance difficulties.

Some of my autistic clients have made great gains in their affect and social skills and being able to function with their peers in a more appropriate way."

Robin Bonsall, OTR
Pediatric OT, Private Practice


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